BLATT vs. ECW on SciFi Live for April 24th, 2007

So we’re starting with the recap of the accidental slide of a chair from CM Punk to RVD instead of Elijah Burke. Looks like they’re finally going to focus the show on the right guy. That’d be CM Punk, not Bobby Lashley.

Punk is watching the recap and looks a little pained. He apologizes to the New Breed. But not for trying to assume some leadership, or telling them how it is, or that they need independent thinkers. Punk gives a motivational speech and wants to know if everyone’s on the same page. Marcus says he’s gonna let it go and Punk gives one more apology to Burke. No one looks too happy about it…

Let the bodies hit the floor.

Wait a second, we’re starting with an Umaga match? Are you kidding me? Against LASHLEY? What the hell are they thinking? They give away an hour long match AND Lashley vs. Umaga in the same week? Perhaps they’ll also throw in Kennedy vs. the Undertaker on Smackdown while they’re at it. If yesterday’s any indication Lashley’s gonna lose this one.

Bobby Lashley over Umaga by DQ
They square off and bore me until Umaga start trading blows. Lshley goes for Estrada after being thrown over the top rope and pays for it. Umaga gains control and introduces Lashley to the steel steps. Steps vs. face. Face rarely wins. Umaga goes for the announce position tables next and Lashley comes back only to lost momentum under the Ricky Steamboat rule of the face never getting five moves off unless it’s the finish.

Lashley misses a top rope spot and walks into a Samoan drop. Lashley’s hurting and Umaga goes for the Greco-Roman punches to the head while your opponent is down. Umaga goes tot the second rope but misses a headbutt off the second rope. anyone remember Rene Dupree’s bottom stair axe handle? I miss those days.

The crow does the “boo” “yay” thing, cheering for Lashley and booing Umaga. Lashley throws a bunch of punches and goes for a lariat, Umaga stops him short. Lashley clotheslines Uga out of the ring and Estrada attacks Lashley from behind for the DQ finish. The point of this? Lashley “sends a message” by beating up Estrada. All that says to me is that he can beat up a wrestling personality, not three men in a title match. Vince cools Umaga off as Estrada plays dead.


We’re not live in London. Joey cares about England’s history and Tazz doesn’t care all that much. Joey and Tazz are at ringside, which is a change from last week. Joey makes some bad segue into Stone Cold’s movie coming up. You know, Running Man 2. Why wasn’t Khali in this movie? While I won;t mention it by name, I’ll probably go see it. Mostly because it’s a SUPEr-ACTION MOVIE!

Backstage Burke talks about a problem. He thinks Punk being in the New Breed was a mistake on the group’s part. Marcus reminds him that it was Burke’s choice to o that. Burke calls Thorn “Vampire”. I like that for some reason. Striker says that Punk is only trying to motivate them. As Burke’s talking, Punk walks in and is all smiles.

Does anyone think that Goldberg’s Bullrun will ever beat ECW in the ratings? Does anyone actually watch it?

It’s time for SNITSKY. Looks like he didn’t get his waxing in this week, he’s a little hairy. For all the crap that the IWC gives the WWE for their nu-metal generic themes, SNITSKY’s theme is probably the best theme since Kane’s. His opponent? YES! This is the match I wanted to see last week.

SNITSKY happens to Balls Mahoney by big ass boot
Nice. SNITSKY overpowers Balls and Balls tries a running approach, but that doesn’t work either. SNITSKY throws some forearms to Balls, then pinks him up in a side power bomb position and runs him into the corner. SNITSKY lcoks Balls in a double underhook lock and runs Balls into the corner. This is followed by a clothesline out of the corner. A big boot finishes the match.

Okay, so that wasn’t as good as I had hoped. It was even remotely as good as I thought it was going to be. All these squashes for SNITSKY aren’t doing much outside of letting people know he’s still on the roster.

Backstage Punk is talking up the New Breed. Tonight he says will change the face of the New Breed. Burke interrupts to say he’s been preparing for the match, but for some reason away from the rest of the group. Where do these people go during the taping anyway?

Does anyone think that CM Punk is more likable as a heel? Well, that’s still up for debate, but whatever.

My Backlash picks are Cena, Undertaker and Lashley. I say it here because I know I’ll forget to submit to the round table.

ECW Originals over the New Breed

Order of elimination:

  1. Sandman by Burke
  2. Striker by RVD
  3. Sabu by Marcus Cor Von
  4. Marcus Cor Von by elimination
  5. Thorn by Dreamer
  6. Dreamer by Burke
  7. Burke by RVD

They haven’t mentioned that this match is the rubber match yet. Joey and Tazz make some clever jokes about the Sandman drinking at local bars. The New Breed approach the ring as the anticipation grows and…


Is CM Punk going to wrestle in this match? Certainly looks it.

Don’t forget to tune into my ECW podcast later tonight.

CM Punk is going to wrestle. As a matter of fact, he’s going to start the match for the New Breed. Maybe not. Burke’s got a mic and says it should be a fair fight. Instead of 5 on 4, Burke says Punk should “take a seat” rather than wrestle. Dammit! I see an end for this feud, it’s too long to explain, but I’ll get into it during the podcast.

Burke and Dreamer start it off with Dreamer getting a take down for Burke. Burke reverses the momentum with a back elbow. Dreamer comes back with come body slams and a punch. Tag to Sabu and Dreamer body slams Sabu on Burke. Nice move.

Sabu’s still selling the neck from two weeks ago. Sabu drop kicks Burke’s ankles as he’s running towards him to maintain control. Tag to the Sandman who drop a leg from the top rope on Burke who’s hanging on the ropes. Sandman misses a Rolling Rock and Burke gets the quick pin and Sandman’s eliminated. Sabu is in with Striker and gives him a spike DDT. Tag to RVD and RVD and Sabu drop three legs on Striker. RVD hit the monkey flip and Striker is writhing on the ground. RVD goes to the top, but MCV distracts RVD and RVD goes up again but gets crotched. RVD fights back and hits a sunset flip powerbomb. Striker has been taking some real punishment. A split legged moonsault and Striker is eliminated.

MCV and RVD are in the ring. MCV has control and pounds on RVD in the corner. RVD tries to fight out, but MCV’s having none of it. MCV attempts to put RVD’s head to the turnbuckle, but it’s reversed by RVD into a kick to the face and Sabu gets the tag.

Sabu chain wrestles MCV into a camel clutch. It’s odd, the New Breed is wrestling as faces and the Originals as heels. MCV makes me eat my words as he chokes Sabu after Burke snuck into the ring to hit Sabu in the neck. MCV goes after Sabu on the apron and tags Burke in. Burke goes for some kicks to the head but can only draw a two. TWO!

Burke slows things down and can’t get more than a two on Sabu. TWO!

Tag to MCV and he continues the pounding on Sabu. Irish whip to the corner and then Sabu knees a charging MCV. MCV maintains control and attempts a suplex but it’s countered. Sabu runs to the ropes and gets a back elbow. Followed by the POOOOUNNNCEEE!!! And Joey actually says it’s the pounce. Sabu gets eliminated following the Pounce. Period.

Dreamer is in and takes control as we go to commercials. Whew.

We’re back and it’s Burke and Dreamer. Thorn is tagged in for the first time in the match. Not MCV is tagged in. Dreamer ducks a clothesline but then gets belly to belly suplexed. Dreamer goes tot he outside and continues to get beat down on by MCV. MCV crotches Dreamer on the barrier and gets eliminated.

Thorn runs in and gets a crossface on Dreamer without hooking the arm. Dreamer fights out and Thorn plants Dreamer with a great spinebuster but that only gets a two. TWO!

Burke is tagged in and drops some knees on Dreamer. Thorn is tagged back in and runs into Dreamer in the corner hard. Dreamer hits a DDT and Eliminates thorn. Burke hits the Elijah Express and eliminates Dreamer. We’re down to Burke and RVD. I have a feeling that CM Punk is still in the match. Burke tries to cheat a three count but the ref catches him. Burke works the arm as the crowd rallies for Rob Van Vam. RVD powers out buts walks into a lariat with a leg sweep. Nice move.

Burke pounds in the corner but RVD rallies back. RVD takes control with clotheslines and a superkick. Burke goes to jump over the ropes into the ring, but gets spin kicked but RVD mid air! Wowwee wow wow.

CM Punk lays out Burke with a round kick in the back of the head! RVD rolls Burke into the ring and Burke is out. RVD hits the frog splash to eliminate Burke!

The Originals win and RVD celebrates as CM Punk looks confused as he steps into the ring. Burke is out in the middle of the ring and picks up Burke. CM Punk has Burke up in a fireman’s carry and hits the Go to Sleep on Burke. Punk apologizes sarcastically again as Punk’s music hits. Punk is all smiles as the show ends.

The Inside Pulse

  • Bobby Lashley over Umaga by DQ
  • SNITSKY happens to Balls Mahoney by big ass boot
  • ECW Originals over the New Breed
    Order of elimination:
    1. Sandman by Burke
    2. Striker by RVD
    3. Sabu by Marcus Cor Von
    4. Marcus Cor Von by elimination
    5. Thorn by Dreamer
    6. Dreamer by Burke
    7. Burke by RVD


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