Marvel News & Views: The Man Without Fear…of the Spotlight

As you might’ve guessed from this week’s subtitle, it is mostly DD related stuff this week. That’s also the inspiration for this week’s theme: Daredevil costumes in the mainstream Marvel U. And if that theme does not give it away, there is not much news this week. Still, we’ll do what we can with what we have. Shall we begin?

Here We Are, Invading Joe’s Space Again

This week we wrap up our look back at past New Joe Fridays “danglers”, and as always, the usual batch of reader questions…

You know, I bet Joe would like one Friday without Newsarama coming over and making a mess of his stuff.

Well, that was frustrating. I get why Mr. Quesada cannot elaborate more on those past remarks, but boy howdy (I’m bringing that expression back, by the way) does it make for a wildly uninteresting interview.

On to the current readers’ questions, I find the whole 616 hullabaloo pretty amusing because it is so not important either way. Use it, don’t use it, who cares?

That said, Quesada is totally right about Earth-1, 2 etc at DC. But, by even mentioning DC, he will no doubt get stoned in the talkbacks. Let us take a look-see.

Huh, look at that. No feigned declarations of being wounded. Impressive, Newsarama.

I don’t want to talk out of school or anything but I hear that I’m the new writer on Moon Knight. Keep that under your hat for now though. No need for Rich Johnston to hear that and screw up my deal.

Oh look, a Venom miniseries. I hope they call it Lethal Protector. Or Funeral Pyre. Or The Hunger. Or Separation Anxiety. Or Tooth and Claw. Or The Enemy Within. Or…well, I think you get the idea.

And I have an idea for another column theme…Venom miniseries. I better have about a billion article breaks to fill in that week though.

Could You Shoot the Devil in the Back?

Its tough being a superhero in the Marvel Universe and it seems like no hero has had more tough times than Daredevil. Throughout his career, the Man Without Fear has dealt with the deaths of multiple lovers, the destruction of his civilian identity, putting his friends’ lives in constant danger and has even done jail time. If anybody deserves a happy ending to his heroic career it’s Daredevil. Later this year, readers will get a chance to see if Matt Murdock gets the ending he deserves when “Daredevil: End of Days,” a mini-series by writers Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack and featuring an all-star team of “Daredevil” artists hits stores. CBR News spoke with Bendis about the project.

Comic Book Resources finds out what would happen if you did…and you didn’t miss.

First off, how excellent is Maleev? Seriously, check out this cover and tell me he isn’t great.

Nicely iconic and disturbing all at once.

As for the book, I am so there. I’m just not sure what they mean by “in continuity.” Given Bendis’ reference of Dark Knight Returns, I think he more means “influence to continuity.” That’s the only way it makes sense to me, anyway.

Brubaker Knows Not to Call it Clinton

It seems like Matt Murdock doesn’t get any happy times in his life, just calm points before major storms. Readers saw the clouds starting to gather in “Daredevil” #95, the first part of the new storyline “To the Devil, His Due” and this Wednesday the heavens open up and the downpour begins when issue #96 hits stores. CBR News spoke with “Daredevil” writer Ed Brubaker about the series and what’s next for Marvel’s Guardian of Hell’s Kitchen.

Comic Book Resources takes a trip to the Kitchen

I don’t know if any of you out there have heard, but I happen to be a bit of a fan of Daredevil. Yup…it’s true.

As a Daredevil fan, it has been an excellent ride for the past several years and there has been no drop off in quality now that the book has been transferred into Brubaker’s talented hands.

But that, I suppose, is all old news. Let us deal with the new info on the Man Without Fear.

Yup, everything still looks good.

Brubaker equating his upcoming trial storyline to Bendis’ White Tiger storyline does make me a bit nervous as that was sort of the low point of Bendis’ run. It was not bad, but it suffered in comparison with the rest of the room and, no doubt, in comparison with my expectations. So, this time around, I’ll to keep them reined in.

What I don’t mind at all is that Brubaker is planning to cast a “classic” Daredevil villain as the puppet master behind Gladiator’s blackouts and the murder-suicide of those two bank robbers last issue. I cannot even begin to guess who he’s got in mind, but it’s gotten me thrilled. Maybe next time I have a few more articles, I’ll do a Daredevil villain theme so all you doubters can see that yes, Daredevil does in fact have more enemies than just Owl, Kingpin, Purple Man, Elektra, and Bullseye. Are any of them good? Um…not exactly. Buuuuuuuuut, they could be. It sounds like Brubaker feels the same on that.

Ooo, I just had a guess on who the baddie is. Have to see if it works out.

A storyline that sees Bullseye and the Thunderbolts heading into Hell’s Kitchen needs to happen immediately. I don’t care what book it happens in and I don’t care that it’s obvious. It’ll be awesome!


Oh, and that Michael Lark fella?

He’s no slouch in the art department either.


Okay, so here’s the thing…I’m a huge Daredevil fan. I have more issues of his comic than any other single book out there. You slap his name on a cover and I will always at least pick up and thumb through that issue. I own the first appearance of Bullseye, I own every comic that featured Daredevil facing off against Purple Man, I’ve purposely bought and read the Fathoms of Humanity issues, knowing how that was going to work out.

I am a HUGE Daredevil fan!

I also happen to be a huge Daredevil fan that, despite his best intentions, likes the armor costume.

I know, I know.

But look at it. I mean, really look at it.

Now be honest, it is kind of cool, right?

Yes, of course, I understand that it really isn’t cool. It was created out of the say “idea pool” that demanded Superman die, Batman be broken and replaced by a madman, and Spider-Man’s clone return. It was all about getting people to buy comics and worrying about the details later. (Although I’ll admit I did like most the Death and Return of Superman, a decent chunk of Knightfall/Quest/End, and Scarlet Spider). It came during a story that also so Elektra resurrected as two different people (one good and bald, one bad and sporting a voluminous head of hair) and led into a story that saw DD team up with Gambit because Gambit’s popular. Also, it’s armor.

And yet…still…

It looks good.

Think about it, it could’ve looked like this:

So, there’s that.

I’d never want him back in it. I love the red pajamas. However, if he wanted to throw it on for special occasions an issue or two at a time every now and again, that’d suit me just fine.

I know it came about for all the wrong reasons. I know its armor and non-armored characters should never wear armor. And I know that, for some reason, colorists could never figure out if the dominant color of the suit was blue or black. I know all of that.

And still, I like it.

That is my Guilty Admission.

(Also, I think DD’s Voodoo costume, which you can see it a little ways later in this column, is striking looking. I’m hopeless, aren’t I?)



Well, would you look at that…I am just beating this theme into the ground, aren’t I? Well, no matter. This is still the book I am most looking forward to this week.


This issue is going to be HUGE! Mark my words on this. HUUUUUUUUUGE!

The Spider-Man Event storytelling approach discussion continues, plus more!


Loved the divider pics. Can I be the first to start the ‘what villains will be in Spider-man 4′ Inside Pulse MNV discussion? …

I’m joking. I remember the insane rumours after Spider-man 2 about what villains we’d see ranging from Kraven to Vulture, etc. When it happens it happens, although with soon to be Venom out of the way I now only need to see a fishbowl on screen to totally freak out.

Looking through your newest column on thing struck me. How much have Marvel’s covers improved over the last year? We’re slowly getting more and more back to the cover actually giving you a hint or flavour of the story inside. Previously it was only a few books that had truly great comic covers, the rest had splashes of Spider-man, Avengers, etc. It just featured the title character in a pin up pose. Seeing old school style covers with modern art earns Marvel a huge thumbs up for me.

Now bring back speech bubbles on covers and I’m happy… another joke btw.

Regarding King Joe’s comments and your reply I have to say I totally agree with you. I think ‘events’ have a place and time, it just isn’t every 12 months especially when affecting one character. I long for a tail of Spider-man vs Lizard that last 2-3 issues and has no long term impact. This is one area Sensational is really delivering in. Dangling plot threads are a lot of fun and I don’t mind those but not everything has to be ‘someone dies’, ‘long term repercussions’. Etc. That said Spidey sells strong and I for one will keep buying regardless of what they do to the character. It’s the only Marvel title/character I wouldn’t drop from my pullbox.

Keep up the great work!

-Adam May

I’d have to agree with you on the covers. Even the worst offenders (Ultimate Universe) have gotten better, although they still have a ways to go. Right now, I think most Marvel books are doing a nice job of balancing the whole “iconic image” movement that they were so enraptured of for the past few years with covers that are unique and story related. I applaud that.

And yes, I too would lose my mind a bit if Mysterio found his way to the big screen.

And there you have it. The end of our nearly All-Daredevil column. Remember to e-mail me at, visit me on the message board (thread below), or drop me an IM (if you catch me) at parallaxx2.

Thanks. See you next week.

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