Late-Night News EXPLOSION!


Here’s a statement Gail Kim posted on her Web site:

OK…. so to sum up this whole PPV event, I would say the moment was the best of my career. Unfortunately, I don’t think the fans at home got to see what I experienced after the match… that was the best feeling. It was the first time in my career that I actually felt so emotional after a match that I shed tears from happiness. Literally. Nothing yet has compared to that moment yet. I hope there are more future moments like that not only for myself but for other females in this business. thanks to everyone for their support and thanks to TNA for giving us the opportunity to have that moment.

Ya know, after all of the Christy Hemme silliness, her angle actually HAS led to somewhat of a women’s division…

In other news, Pro Wrestling Insider is reporting that Bryan Danielson is expected to be back with ROH possibly as early as May.

Speaking of ROH, we’ll have at least one interview with Nigel McGuinness up shortly. For an interesting read to get you warmed up, head on over to this site.

Chyna’s movie Illegal Aliens with Anna Nicole Smith was reviewed by the Associated Press, which is pretty kind to it.

Finally, for an update on Sean O’Haire’s arrest, see Eric’s column here.

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