A Co-Host Turned Blogger: The Hills Interview on Z103.5 and the Aftershow on MTV.

I would have to say that I’m officially the envy of all my friends a day after The Hills season finale. As we know the girls were in Toronto yesterday to promote the big show on MTV and I’m happy to report that Z103.5 was their first stop of the morning. Surprisingly the interview ran much longer than normal but there were still so many unanswered questions.

Two of the four were MIA. Last week we found out that Heidi had declined to come.(I assume that’s due to her recent visit under the knife.) Whitney’s flight had come in late the night before which leads me to believe that she landed the job in New York. Why wouldn’t she be traveling with Lauren and Audrina?

Based on the interview this is what I found out:

-Lauren and Audrina have found a beach house and plan to spend most of the summer there so we can except to see a lot of parties in the third season. This means that Lauren has taken time off from her internship at Teen Vogue but as far as I know Audrina is still with Epic.

-When I had asked Lauren how it felt to be the first intern on the cover of Teen Vogue she revealed that both her and Audrina will be featured together on an upcoming edition.

-Not much was said about Heidi. In fact, Audrina has confirmed that the two are still not talking. So does that mean we’ll see less of Heidi in the next season? Guess so. Word is that she is still living with Spencer.

Here’s an interesting little fact for you. Apparently the apartment that Heidi and Spencer are living in was the exact place that Lauren and Jason were planning to sign a lease on. Creepy much?

I’ll admit I was thinking of asking the SEX TAPE question but I knew I wouldn’t get much info. Lauren did say that she still keeps in touch with Jason who by the way, swears that he never watches the show. Yeah right!

You can listen to the postcast of the interview on www.scottfox.ca. It should be up at the end of the week.

I arrived at the Masonic Temple at 6:00 for the taping of the MTV aftershow. I knew The Hills was pretty big here in Canada but I had no idea that it would be that crazy. It took me well over an hour to get into the building as hundreds of fans were turned away at the door.

Once inside we all got to watch as the second season came to an end. Heidi is faced with the tough decision to move in with Spencer but when he pulls her out of work to show her the new purchase she agrees to move in, giving Lauren less than a few days to find a new roommate. How happy I was to see Audrina walk down those stairs when Lauren said “Hey Roomy!”

During the aftershow, Lauren was asked what she would do if Heidi wanted to come back. She answered by saying,”We only have two bedrooms so that wouldn’t work would it?” Audrina added “Plus we’re two single girls and she’s always around Spencer anyway.”

Whitney goes to New York for the interview but as she sat down with Jessie and Dan, dodges the question, “Did you get the job?” Whitney also revealed that she’s been in a relationship for a year now but chose not to put her love life on camera.

In the end, I think this coming season will be a good one. I don’t expect that we’ll see much of Heidi or Whitney but the beach house promises to bring some new characters into the mix and I can’t wait!!

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