Pardon The Pulse

The NFL Draft.

The time when those young men who have been playing football since pee-wee ball are all grown up and ready to take that next step into the world of professional football. Some already know that they will get a roster spot on one of the 32 NFL franchises. There are also those who have no idea if they will get selected and then have to try different ways to get to their ultimate goal.

At least I know then that are others who watch the entire two days of picks from number 1 all the way to number 256 besides me.

We are back after a week’s absence, and we are going to give you our Top Eight picks of the draft why we chose those particular players to go where. At the end, we’re also going to give our thoughts on how our favorite teams will do in the draft and what their needs are. But now it’s time. It’s time see what we think as we present our own special edition and have you…

First Pick

Paulie: Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU
Yeah, Oakland’s playing all coy and stuff, fiddling with the idea of Calvin Johnson, but no. Al Davis may be going senile, but he’s not there yet. They NEED someone to throw the ball. And they NEED someone who’s a tank of a man to withstand the amount of hits he’ll be taking. Plus, Russell has that big arm that can go deep like Randy Moss and Jerry Porter will just LOVE. If they can pick up a running back in the second or third rounds to compliment Lamont Jordan, they may, just MAY, actually be *GASP* competitive next season.

Charles Joseph: Tampa Bay BuccaneersCalvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
The Raiders currently hold the number 1 pick. There are rumors floating about them signing Daunte Culpepper if he is released, then drafting Calvin Johnson number 1 overall. If that doesn’t happen, I still think Johnson goes number 1, to Tampa Bay, who has supposedly offered their entire first day’s worth of draft picks to move up to the number 1 spot to get him. That seems to be the most logical for each team, and that’s what I’m guessing

Danny: Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU
There’s no way that Al Davis goes in any other direction here. It is true that Calvin Johnson is the top talent in the draft, but with receivers like Jerry Porter and Randy Moss out there…they need someone to throw them the damn ball. They found out that Aaron Brooks was a joke for his entire career. Tuiasosopo has already gone away to the Jets and Andrew Walter is not the future of ANY team. Trying to get Josh McCown from the Lions is not the answer either. I’ve watched Russell for 3 years and seen every single game he’s played in. I’ve met the guy in person and he’s a beast. He can throw 60 yards seated on his ass. If Lane Kiffin can teach him to not stare at the receiver he’s throwing too as soon as he gets out of the huddle to pass completion, then they have a franchise QB for the next ten years at least.

Second Pick

Paulie: Detroit LionsJoe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
I really think Detroit will try like hell to trade out of this spot. I also almost put them drafting Brady Quinn here in a bit of a shocker. But they really need some help on that offensive line and I think they’ll go QB in the 2nd or 3rd round with Drew Stanton. Johnson will again be the forbidden fruit hanging from the tree in front of Matt Millen, but I really think that if he drafts ANOTHER top 10 wide receiver, Lions fans everywhere will march on his house and burn it down, Frankenstein style.

Charles Joseph: Minnesota VikingsBrady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
Second pick, will be Brady Quinn. To the Minnesota Vikings, who will trade up with the Lions to make sure they get the QB destined to get brad Childress fired. I haven’t heard any purposed offers, but knowing the Viking’s rich draft trade history, I’d say nothing less than every pick for the next 15 years. But probably switch first, and a 2nd, 4th, 5th or so.

Danny: Detroit LionsCalvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
Sure the Lions have taken a wide receiver in every single year since the draft’s inception, but they haven’t really shown much promise. Charles Rogers is having trouble just finding a team to take him, Mike Williams is a bust, and Roy Williams is producing but he can’t do it alone. Calvin Johnson is pure talent. The man has the speed and agility to get anywhere on the field and the size and hands to catch above any defender. The Lions were big players in free agency and I think Johnson could be the missing piece to take them to the playoffs. There is also the possibility of a trade down here, but we shall see.

Third Pick

Paulie: Cleveland BrownsCalvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
In a move that will make John Gruden either cream his pants or crap them, Cleveland will announce that the Charlie Frye era is NOT over by making another attempt to find someone for him to throw to. Perhaps Johnson’s presence will help calm firepot, Braylon Edwards and help them give Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald a run for the best wide receiver tandem to never make the playoffs.

Charles Joseph: Cleveland BrownsAdrian Peterson, RD, Oklahoma
Third pick. Cleveland is in a real pickle. They could take Russell, they could take Peterson, they could take Thomas, or they could trade down too. They only signed Lewis to a one year deal, so I’m guessing they’ll take the franchise back in All Day Adrian Peterson.

Danny: Cleveland BrownsGaines Adams, DT, Clemson
The Browns could go with Brady Quinn here but I think they may stick with Charlie Frye, Ken Dorsey, or maybe go out and pick up someone like Aaron Brooks (ugh). They bulked up the backfield with Jamal Lewis and have good weapons to catch the ball. It’s the other side of the ball that needs some star power and some big power and Gaines Adams is the best way to go. Adams and newly acquired Shaun Smith will make a good start at building up the Browns’ defensive line.

Fourth Pick

Paulie: Tampa Bay BuccaneersKevin Cronin, QB, Duke University
In a move that shocks, I say, SHOCKS, the world, Tampa drafts perennial Duke backup QB Kevin Cronin because John Gruden wants someone with some smarts back there and who’s smarter than someone who could say they played college football but refused to even take the field for DUKE? Wait. You don’t believe me do you? Fine… let’s start over… ready? Are you sure?
Tampa Bay BuccaneersGaines Adams, DE, Clemson With Johnson off the board and a glut of QB’s already on the roster, Tampa goes to rebuilding a geriatric defense starting with Adams who will bookend with Simeon Rice before fully taking over for him next season.

Charles Joseph: Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU
Fourth pick. Oakland’s stars fall perfectly and JaMarcus Russell falls to them at number 4.

Danny: Tampa Bay BuccaneersAmobi Okoye, DT, Louisville
The Bucs would have loved to have gotten Johnson and I believe they still may trade up to do so, but it’s gonna cost them. If not, they have got to focus on the defense because the once feared squad is getting older and there’s no better way to freshen it up then with the youngster Okoye. The kid is a beast and he’s just damn smart on the field and off of it.

Fifth Pick

Paulie: Arizona CardinalsAdrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
They have a QB, they’ve definitely got the receivers, they’ve shorn up the o-line, so they take Peterson to be that oh so popular tandem back with Edge James. They could go with Levi Brown out of Penn State to get the o-line a little more up to snuff, but the Cards seem to be more for flash over substance so they go with the skill player here and hope to get a tackle in the later rounds.

Charles Joseph: Arizona CardinalsJoe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
Fifth Pick, Arizona picks up the franchise Left Tackle that Leonard Davis was supposed to be, and they pick up Joe Thomas from Wisconsin.

Danny: Arizona CardinalsJoe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
They have enough weapons on offense, now it’s simply a matter of giving Edge someone to run behind and Leinart the time he needs in the pocket to find those weapons. Thomas is the answer. Joe Thomas reminds me a lot of Bruce Matthews in his style and fight. If he can even somewhat resemble the 14-time Pro Bowler then the Cardinals made the right choice.

Sixth Pick

Paulie: Washington RedskinsLaRon Landry, S, LSU
A beautiful tandem with Sean Taylor in the Skins defensive secondary. As much as Danny would love it, this guy is in no way getting close to New Orleans.

Charles Joseph: Washington RedskinsGaines Adams, DT, Clemson
Washington picks 6th for now. Knowing they like proven players more than rookies, they are also prime to trade out of the first round. That being said, they need help on the D-Line and here they nab either Gaines Adams or Jamal Anderson. Anderson’s stock seems to be slipping lately, so Washington nabs Gaines Adams with this pick.

Danny: Washington RedskinsLaRon Landry, S, LSU
Sigh…originally he was predicted to go mid-first round…then late first round so I thought my Saints would have a chance. Thanks to a fantastic combine and people just sitting down and seeing his talent, the Skins are getting an automatic starter as a rookie. 4 years in the SEC and I watched every game the guy played. He is all over the field and a helluva hitter. Sean Taylor, Carlos Rogers, and LaRon Landry guarding the Skins’ secondary is going to make it difficult all season for opposing quarterbacks.

Seventh Pick

Paulie: Minnesota VikingsBrady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
And in a move guaranteed to get a groan out of the Chuckmeister, the Vikings have a QB fall right into their laps. I still have some definite questions about Quinn’s ability to take the pressure of playing in the NFL, but with Peterson off the board and them being in desperate need of someone to step under center this year, Quinn is the pick for them here.

Charles Joseph: Detroit LionsLeon Hall, CB, Michigan
7th Pick now belongs to the Detroit Lions for my draft, and they will look for defensive back help. Landry or Hall are the prime candidates. They probably lean to the in-state guy and draft Leon Hall out of Michigan.

Danny: Minnesota VikingsBrady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
Sorry CJ but this is the pick. The Vikes need a QB because Jackson just isn’t a franchise QB and I don’t think relying on Brooks Bollinger is your answer. The Irish kid is making his way into your purple unitards and going to see what he can do with that lameduck of an offense yall have. At least he’ll have one target in Bobby Wade to throw to now since Williamson seems to have hands of stone.

Eighth Pick

Paulie: Atlanta FalconsAmobi Okoye, DE, Louisville
The Falcons look to shore up the defense here and since Landry is off the board, Petrino pushes for the kid he knows best and probably the best talent currently on the board with Okoye. I almost put them with Michael Bush, but he’s gone from Heisman front runner to projected 6th rounder in the blink of an eye so they can wait to draft him as Warrick Dunn’s true successor on the second day.

Charles Joseph: Atlanta FalconsLevi Brown, OT, Penn State
8th pick goes to the Atlanta Falcons, who if healthy, have one of the best D’s in the league, they need a WR, but there aren’t any that should be picked at this point. If I was drafting here, I’d take Landry and he is clearly the best player left on the board. But I think they’ll take Levi Brown, the OT out of Penn State.

Danny: Atlanta FalconsAdrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
Warrick Dunn is getting older and for some reason the Falcons don’t want to give Norwood a chance. What’s that you say? Because Michael Vick wants to run the ball himself all the time? Good idea, let’s give him more authority to call his own plays. 90% of the Falcons’ plays this year will be rushing plays…quote me on it. But anyway, Peterson is the Matt Leinart of this year dropping further then people thought, but will make a nice impact for his new team. A good power runner with some breakaway speed and the Falcons may actually be able to open up the passing game. That is, if their quarterback could throw.

There you have the first eight picks of the draft. Like I said, we don’t seem to agree with much and CJ mixed everything up, but that’s the way things could possibly go come this weekend. Before I give you our final thoughts on what each of our own personal favorite teams needs are and who they may draft, Paulie and I decided to play out the rest of the first round. We decided not to analyze them all, but wanted to show you at least who we thought would go where in the biggest round of the draft. CJ also gives his picks over in the forums so don’t forget to click on the link at the end of the article to see the rest of his first round.


9.) Miami DolphinsLevi Brown, OT, Penn State
10.) Houston TexansLeon Hall, CB, Michigan
11.) San Francisco 49ersAlan Branch, DT, Michigan
12.) Buffalo BillsMarshawn Lynch, RB, California
13.) St. Louis RamsJamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas
14.) Carolina PanthersGreg Olsen, TE, Miami
15.) Pittsburgh SteelersPaul Posluszny, LB, Penn State
16.) Green Bay PackersAntonio Pittman, RB, Ohio State
17.) Jacksonville JaguarsAdam Carriker, DE, Nebraska
18.) Cincinnati BengalsLawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State
19.) Tennessee TitansTed Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State
20.) New York GiantsRobert Meachum, WR, Tennessee
21.) Denver BroncosJustin Harrell, DT, Tennessee
22.) Dallas CowboysMichael Griffin, S, Texas
23.) Kansas City ChiefsDwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
24.) New England PatriotsBrandon Meriweather, S, Miami
25.) New York JetsChris Houston, CB, Arkansas
26.) Philadelphia EaglesJarvis Moss, DE, Florida
27.) New Orleans SaintsDwayne Jarrett, WR, USC
28.) New England PatriotsJustin Blalock, G, Texas
29.) Baltimore RavensJoe Staley, OT, Central Michigan
30.) San Diego ChargersSteve Smith, WR, USC
31.) Chicago BearsPatrick Willis, LB, Mississippi
32.) Indianapolis ColtsJon Beason, LB, Miami


9.) Miami DolphinsLevi Brown, OT, Penn State
10.) Houston Texans Leon Hall, CB, Michigan
11.) San Francisco 49ersAlan Branch, DT, Michigan
12.) Buffalo BillsPatrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss
13.) St. Louis RamsAdam Carriker , DE , Nebraska
14.) Carolina PanthersGreg Olsen, TE, Miami
15.) Pittsburgh SteelersLawrence Timmons, OLB, Florida State
16.) Green BayPackersMarshawn Lynch, RB, West Virginia
17.) Jacksonville Jaguars Jarvis Moss , DE , Florida
18.) Cincinnati BengalsDarrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh
19.) Tennessee TitansTed Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State
20.) New York GiantsJoe Staley, OT, Central Michigan
21.) Denver Broncos Jamaal Anderson , DE , Arkansas
22.) Dallas CowboysRobert Meachum, WR, Tennessee
23.) Kansas City ChiefsDwayne Jarrett, WR, USC
24.) New England PatriotsReggie Nelson, S, Florida
25.) New York JetsAaron Ross, CB, Texas
26.) Philadelphia EaglesPaul Posluszny, LB, Penn State
27.) New Orleans SaintsDwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
28.) New England PatriotsJustin Harrell, DT, Tennessee
29.) Baltimore RavensRyan Kalil, C, USC
30.) San Diego ChargersSteve Smith, WR, USC
31.) Chicago BearsTony Ugoh, OT, Arkansas
32.) Indianapolis ColtsMichael Griffin , S, Texas

And last but not least, we all hope that our teams can improve from the last season. The Panthers, Paulie’s team, struggled throughout and ended on a bit of a better note but still didn’t make the playoffs. The Vikings, CJ’s team, just couldn’t seem to get anything going all season. And my Saints…the surprise of the season? One step away from the Super Bowl but we have the chance to go further. So let’s see what we hope for after the weekend is over.

Charles Joseph: Our NEEDS….you want our NEEDS…Head Coach, QB, RB, WR, DE, DT (Pat Williams is getting old) LB (our best Line Backer got injured on opening kickoff of Pre-Season last year) CB, S. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, our best receiving TE went to Jacksonville, so we need a TE too.

The Vikings are going to botch the ever-loving hell out of this draft. I’ve already shown them trading up to get Brady Quinn when they should sit back and hope Adrian Peterson or LaRon Landry or Gaines Adams falls to them. That however would require competence, which is in short supply at Viking headquarters. If they made the trade I brought up they wouldn’t have another pick until round 3 where I’d like to hope Aundrae Allison would fall to them. But I’d consider picking him with our second round that has been traded away by me, so I’m not thinking he’ll be there. My ideal draft would net us Landry in the first round, (despite the Mike Doss signing) Drew Stanton round 2, hope Allison falls to 3rd round, or move up the mid 2nd and get him there. If we miss the boat on him, Germaine Race, this years Maurice Jones-Drew, in the 3rd round. And after that it’s really just plucking a name and hope you get lucky. Although I do hope we pluck Eric Fowler’s name in a later round.

Paulie: The Panthers have a handful of needs this year. They need a middle linebacker that can step in and play right away when Dan Morgan goes down in week 4 with his annual concussion-a-thon. They need some help at safety with Minter pretty much announcing that this is his last season. And the need that they’ve had ever since Wesley Walls left for Green Bay, tight end. The main debate at this point seems to be between Miami TE Greg Olsen and Penn State ILB Paul Posluszny. I’d like to see them go with Olsen. The last couple of seasons it’s been Steve Smith or nothing in the passing game, there’s been no real mid-range over the middle threat with no reliable pass catching tight end. Olsen will open things up for Keyshawn and Colbert at least as well as the backs coming out of the backfield so that hopefully teams will have to stop just triple teaming Smith and waiting for Jake to heave it up for him anyway. I see them taking Florida ILB, Brandon Siler, if he’s available in the second round. And possibly picking up Josh Gattis out of Wake Forest later on to fill the safety hole. The man is a frickin ball hawk.

I’m looking for a much better year than last year out of the Panthers. It IS an odd numbered year, after all. But it’ll all depend on how Jake does and how willing John Fox is to pull him for Carr if he starts just heaving balls up like he did last year. As it stands, I say Carr is starting by week 5 and Carolina finishes 11-5 at least tied with New Orleans on top of the NFC south. If they eke out 12-4 I’ll give them the division title outright, but I honestly can’t see them doing better than that with the schedule they have.

Danny: My my my my. The Saints had the number one rated offense in the league last year and we went out and picked up Eric Johnson to give Drew Brees a big target over the middle. If Greg Olsen would somehow fall all the way to us in the first round, I’d love to have him. If not, then I hope we can grab Zach Miller out of Arizona State in the second. Needless to say, I see at least one wide receiver out of a deep class coming to us in the first round this year. I would love seeing Dwayne Bow, Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith, or Robert Meachum playing opposite Marques Colston.

Our defense was our downfall last year, especially the secondary. ESPECIALLY Fred Thomas. So we went out and signed S Kevin Kaesviharn, LB Brian Simmons, and hopefully the Colts don’t match our offer sheet to CB Jason David. BAM…defense is fixed. Pick up a linebacker or extra corner in the later rounds and we are all set. Perhaps in the 5th or 6th we can even grab a QB to learn behind Brees. I’m hoping for Jared Zebransky out of Boise State. The kid has a big future ahead of him, just needs a teacher.

That is it everyone. I won’t bore you with much more, but I cannot wait to become a hermit this weekend and watch every single pick. Some great ideas from my compatriot CJ this week as he wanted to let you all know that he is willing to help each and every single one of you with any questions you may have regarding the draft or your favorite team. It really is interesting just how much football (and all sports) knowledge there is between Paulie, CJ, and me. So if you want to know anything or have questions or comments for us about the draft or anything sports related…then head on over here in the forums. You can also click each of our names to send us a personal e-mail.

We’d love to see your mock drafts as well, so you can even post those in the forums if you wish and see how everything plays out. Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll be back to our normal format next week. Enjoy the draft!