IFL Battleground: Marco Ruas and the So.Cal. Condors

Marco Ruas: “Gracie, Gracie, Gracie. They have the best style. No, no. I don’t believe that.”

This episode opened with a super fight between light heavyweights Alan Goes and Daniel Gracie. The two Jiu Jitsu experts chose to stand with a dirty boxing clinch and muay thai knees. Gracie attempted a couple of take downs but Goes easily defended. By the end of the first round, Goes’ punching power was evidenced by the blood and redness of Gracie’s face. Goes ate a straight left but was able to drop Gracie with a straight right followed by a right uppercut. The fight was stopped after Gracie failed to defend against Goes’ ground and pound. Alan Goes won by TKO 1:03 into the second round.

Condors vs. Tigersharks
Adam Lynn vs. Shad Lierley
Lierley failed a take down attempt but landed a combination which dropped a surprised Lynn to the mat. Lierley capitalized with wild haymakers until the fight was stopped, giving Lierley a knockout win.

Antoine Jaoude vs. Curtis Crawford
Jaoude secured an immediate takedown, working devastating ground and pound from Crawford’s guard. With Crawford’s head on the ropes, the referee stood the fight up. Jaoude achieved another takedown after a brief exchange of punches and kicks. The round ended following more punches from Jaoude. Round two opened with Jaoude securing another takedown but didn’t really take advantage of the opportunity to pound out the Tiger Shark. The fight returned to its feet. Crawford landed a solid uppercut before being taken down once again. Crawford rocked Jaoude with a right hand but caught two knees in return. Jaoude opened the third round with a leg kick and a takedown. Jaoude mounted Crawford but Crawford managed half-guard before the fight was put back on its feet. Jaoude achieved yet another takedown but was again stood up. Crawford landed a leg kick but ate a knee and the fighters returned to a clinch at the bell. The unanimous decision went, unsurprisingly, to Antoine Jaoude.

Danny Suarez vs. Tristan Wit
Wit fed Suarez a combination of punches. Suarez got the takedown but Wit reversed control. Suarez locked in a triangle and a reverse armbar. Danny Suarez walked away with the submission win.

Betty Purcell, the Condor’s assistant coach, was featured. “Her workouts are ass hard,” admitted Jeremy Williams. Despite being a successful fighter herself and an IFL coach, Purcell insisted that she is still a girly girl.

Jeremy Williams vs. Bristol Marunde
Returning to fighting after a 5-year hiatus, Williams attempted a guillotine which quickly transitioned into a rock solid triangle. Marunde took a nap and the referee stopped the fight, giving Williams the submission win.

Justin Levens vs. Reese Andy
Justin Levens gave a solid effort in this fight, aggressively throwing punches and escaping submission attempt after submission attempt. However, after going the distance, the unanimous decision was given to Andy.

Condors vs. Sabres
After firing all but one member of his team, Ken Yasuda brings his new line-up against the Condors.

Adam Lynn vs. Savant Young
Bas Rutten promised this would be a great fight and Bas was right. Young threw an impressive combination but landed in a clinch with Lynn. Both fighters, though showing respect for the other’s skills gave everything they had. Nevertheless, just 21 seconds into the second round, Young dropped Lynn with a right hook for the knockout win.

Rodrigo Ruas vs. Antonio McKee
This fight went the distance but the decision was earned by McKee

Jeremy “Spider” Williams vs. Kazuhiro Hamanaka
Just 59 seconds into the first round, Williams secured a triangle choke and an armbar for the win. Not only did this win put the Condors on the board but likely put Hamanaka’s job in jeopardy.

Justin Levens vs. Vladimir “The Janitor” Matyushenko
Coming off his loss to Reese Andy, Levens entered the fight aggressively with a flurry of punches. Matyushenko took Levens to the ground, stuffing Levens’ attempts to get back to his feet with a hard knee to the ribs and punches to the face. Matyushenko lost a high mount when Levens rolled to his knees. Matyushenko secured a knockout punch from the mat for the win, securing the team win for the Sabres.

The online results for last week’s poll asking who would win between Frank and Ken Shamrock revealed that 56.5% of IFL viewers believe Ken would win. I tend to agree. Antoine Jaoude and Wayne Cole were asked who they would rather fight for: Ken or Frank. No real answer was given by Jaoude but Cole was pretty adamant that he was glad he didn’t fight for either of the Shamrocks.

Wayne Cole vs. Antoine Jaoude
Jaoude was uncharacteristically aggressive but Cole still landed vicious haymakers from in and out of Jaoude’s guard. Jaoude attempted a triangle with less than ten seconds to go but didn’t have the time to lock it in. Round two opened with an exchange of punches and kicks followed by a clinch. Jaoude landed three leg kicks, finishing with a straight right for a knockout just 56 seconds into the second round.

Next week should be interesting as the featured team is the always unpredictable Don Frye’s Tucson Scorpions. Don Frye, alone, should make next week’s episode very entertaining.


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