Random Reality – American Idol – Super Six

Last week I rolled the dice and I came up BIG! Sanjaya is gone! Everyone cheer as now we can get on to the real singing competition. We are down to just six. Tonight we are going to “change the world”. Lets get to it..

**NOTE** I’m writing this as I watch it, so some of the song names will be missing since I can’t look them up until later**

Tonight’s guest music mentor is Bono, though we don’t see him. Tonight’s theme is “Songs That Inspire”. That’s because this week “Idol Gives Back”. They donate money to charities across the world based on the number of votes this week.

Chris Richardson started off as he sang “Change the World” by Eric Clapton. Not too bad at all. All three judges actually agree. They say good song choice, good vocal, and Chris is in it to win. Simon says this is why they said that he had potential in the beginning.

Melinda Doolittle sang “There Will Come a Day” by Faith Hill. Not as good as other performances from her, but still good. The judges all agree again. Melinda is a pro, she is the best, she is unique, every song she sings is her own, etc.

Blake Lewis sang “Imagine” by John Lennon. It was pretty good. Randy was not as impressed. He liked the song choice, but thought he could have done more with it. Paula enjoyed it. Simon said this is tricky. It’s a “big” song. He can’t really go anywhere with it, but he sang it well.

Lakisha Jones sang “I Believe” by Fantasia. Good choice, since I compare Lakisha to Fantasia from season three of the show. It was just okay for me. I thought it would have been better. Randy and Paula agree that it was a tough song to sing since Fantasia sang it better. Not her best performance. Simon says something about her “shouting” the song and then gets cut off.

Phil Stacey sang “It Will Not Change Me” by Garth Brooks. That was just barely okay for me. Almost seemed like he was trying too hard. Randy and Paula liked it. Another country song. Simon likes him, but liked the “country tone of his voice” more last week.

Jordin Sparks finished us off as she sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. She doesn’t know who sings it, though. What a boring and whiny song that was. Every word was forced out and, of course, the high note at the end. Randy thinks it’s the best vocal ever on the show, the entire six seasons. Paula rambles on. Simon finishes off the lovefest by saying she was fantastic. Blah!

A pretty solid night. No more dealing with “The Hair”, so that’s always good. I am going to keep things simple and divide up everyone into two groups. Who I think is safe and who I think could be going home.

My Standings

(Top Half)
1. Melinda Doolittle
2. Chris Richardson
3. Jordin Sparks

(Bottom Half)
4. Blake Lewis
5. Lakisha Jones
6. Phil Stacey

I think it’s pretty obvious who goes home this week. He could have gone home the last 4 weeks, but it’s finally his time since everyone else in the “middle” group has gone home. I’ve already predicted him twice, but the third time is the charm. Phil is going home this week! But if I had to pick a “shocking” elimination this week it would be Lakisha. It’s coming up soon, just don’t know when.

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