JR: Some things on the ‘net are “pet coon” goofy

On his blog, Jim Ross talks about his recent, long trip overseas, including this nugget about Monday’s Cena/Michaels match:

I loved calling the Cena-Michaels match Monday night and thought both men stepped up big time. It was actually Cena’s birthday and John losing on his 30th B-Day should have made many of the “Cena haters” out there happy. This was definitely one of the best matches I can recall the WWE presenting on Raw in recent memory, and no other match off the top of my head sticks out like this one. My hat is off to both men and I hope they can recharge their batteries this Sunday for Backlash. Knowing the work ethic of each, I suggest making Sunday special will not be an issue. It never ceases to amaze me that while most intelligent fans and many that report on the biz loved the HBK-Cena match, that there were others who simply could not wait to pick the match apart. I really don’t think that should surprise anyone. I believe it is simply a sign of the times. It’s the Nancy Grace/Bill O’Reilly era of reporting and as long as folks continue to buy it, that presentation will continue. Everyone has become an “expert” and reporting the sensational headline is more important, seemingly, than anything else. I value everyone’s opinion, but some things I read on the net are simply “pet coon goofy.”

He goes on to say that just because his contract is up this Fall, doesn’t mean ‘net rumors about him being replaced by Michael Cole are true — “Has anyone ever heard of contract renegotiations?” — as well as that he expects the Backlash main event to be “intact” (including Randy Orton, while alluding to his alleged anger issues), and more. As always, it’s a great read.

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