More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – Resolution: Week 11

Man, this week’s pick was really depressing. I knew there was a reason why O.C.’s Bon Appetit was never in heavy rotation, but for the life of me I couldn’t quite remember what it was. As it turns out, the album just sucks.

The first time I heard O.C. was on Wild Pitch Classics. It was a compilation album that featured various Wild Pitch artists. O.C.’s “Time’s Up” was one of the standout tracks. That song blew me away because it was like O.C. “got it” when it came to hip-hop and taking MC’s to task for the then fad of “gangsta rap.”

His debut was more of that pure hip-hop and it just hit me. His second album, Jewelz, showed some growth, but pretty much stuck to the same “real life” formula.

And then came Bon Appetit.

This album is so disappointing. It might not have been as disappointing had I not been bumping “Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers” at the same time last week. Hearing the two vastly different styles from the same MC was heartbreaking and really nailed home the fact that on this third album O.C. tried his best to sell out.

Bon Appetit is full of what was popular at the dawn of the new millennium; thug tales full of wealth and braggadocio. What’s worse is O.C. became exactly what he was attacking in his debut single.

The album is shallow, where his previous albums had heartfelt tales about family and relationships, this one attempts to attempts a “Bounce Mission” and see him going “Back to Cali.” It’s really a sad affair.

There’s nothing redeeming about this album. Even when Jay-Z stops by on the hidden track, it’s only for the chorus. Not even his tribute to Big L, “Psalm 23”, is worth listening to. And I swear O.C.’s outro sounds like a parody of the typical rapper rambling on.

This album just makes me cry, at little. On the inside.