The SmarK 24/7 Runt for Sunny Behind the Scenes

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This is not a rant, although I really need a name for these mini-24/7 reviews.

Man, showing these rather pathetic Coliseum Video productions from the dying days of the company really shows how much the WWF was out of the game at that point, and not even concentrating on their generally excellent home video releases. I reviewed a similarly shitty tape called “The Best of RAW” a couple of years back, which was basically just a few episodes of RAW from 1996, and this falls into a similar category. It’s hosted by Sunny, who immediately distorts history by noting that she came into the WWF with the Bodydonnas in 1996, which is just ludicrious considering that she managed Skip as a solo act for a year before that.

So this glorious history of Sunny gives us”¦

– The Bodydonnas d. The Godwinns at Wrestlemania 12 in the pre-game show. At least it’s not clipped, but it’s not a good match or anything. Really sad that the tag titles didn’t even warrant the main show at that point. Short and inoffensive, about **.

– We get a clip of the Godwinns beating the Bodydonnas for the tag titles at an MSG house show in a title change that, to this day, makes no sense to me.

– The Smoking Gunns d. The Godwinns in yet another pre-game show, this one for Beware of Dog, winning the tag titles in an abrupt finish when Sunny kisses Billy and PIG gets pinned by Bart as a result. Really short match and the finish was like something off a Russo RAW. *1/2, if that.

– British Bulldog & Owen Hart d. The Smoking Gunns to win the tag titles in the best match of the tape, although I’ve seen it so many times that it holds little value for me at this point. Still, it’s a great tag match at ***1/2 and kicked off a great reign by the future Hart Foundation.

– Marc Mero d. Faarooq to win the I-C title tournament in a shitbag of a match that shows how bad of a worker that Ron Simmons was at that point, although he got moderately better when put in a tag team situation with Bradshaw later on.

So yeah, that’s it. Three Godwinn matches and one good tag title switch, very loosely held together by Sunny introducing the clips. If they really wanted to, they could blow this out of the water today by doing an actual documentary on Tammy Sytch, and it’d probably be a hell of a lot more interesting. If you haven’t seen Mind Games a million times like I have, then the Bulldog/Owen v. Gunns title switch is well worth spending the hour watching the rest of this junk for, but otherwise don’t bother with this one.