The Most Ridiculous Item of the Week – 4.27.07

According to a close friend of singer Melanie Brown, the former Spice Girl was so distraught following her public dumping by boyfriend Eddie Murphy (yes, that Eddie Murphy) last December on a Dutch TV show that she hired a voodoo priestess to help her overcome her grief.

Elizabeth Rodríguez told Closer magazine, in a recent interview, “Mel asked me to come along because she knew I had an interest in voodoo and could speak Spanish to help her communicate with Tabitha. … Mel was totally into it. In one ritual she had to write down the names of people involved in her troubles and put the paper, a pair of Eddie’s boxers, her knickers as well as a photo of themselves all in a jar and bury it.”

Hrmmm… if I were Eddie Murphy, I’d be really scared right now, because you just know that she put some sort of impotence curse or flesh-eating bacteria curse or curse that makes him attracted to cross-dressing male prostitu… oops, too late. Well, I’m sure that the flesh-eating bacteria one would still be pretty effective.