Kennedy’s Push, HHH’s Return, Cena’s Stunt & More

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, at Wrestlemania weekend, HHH was projecting a July return.

Other Mania-related news from the April 16 and 23 Observers (click here for subscription information):

– The idea to have Kennedy win Money in the Bank was actually pitched in August by Alex Greenfield (former Smackdown writer) and Dusty Rhodes, to put him over the top after sucessful feuds with Batista and Taker.

– As most figured, a stunt driver was used for Cena’s Wrestlemania entrance.

– Vince didn’t want people thanking the McMahons too much during Hall of Fame speeches. Also regarding speeches, Kevin Dunn’s assistant wrote Shatner’s speech, and he was basically booed out of the building. WWE wasn’t happy with some rowdy fans at what was supposed to be a very classy event.

– Supposedly after his match with The Undertaker at Mania, Batista was heard yelling something like “let’s see them follow that” after coming back through the curtain.

– Since next year’s Wrestlemania is slated to be outdoors in Orlando, a “portable structure” is going to be built to protect the ring in case it rains.

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