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Jeff Foxworthy
Fax Bahr
Adam Small


Jeff Foxworthy ………. Himself/Various Characters
Brooke Dillman ………. Herself/Various Characters
Peter Oldring ………. Himself/Various Characters
Shane Caldwell ………. Himself/Various Characters
Sara Erikson ………. Herself/Various Characters

The Show

Jeff Foxworthy is one of the highest-selling comedians of all time. He is definitely #1 when it comes to “redneck comedy”, but he can give any other comedian out there a run for their money in terms of number record sales and fans. There is one thing that Jeff Foxworthy can never seem to do, though. That’s bringing his comedy act from the stage to the TV screen. Lots of comedians have found success on television, but not Jeff Foxworthy. His next attempt at creating a successful show is Foxworthy’s Big Night Out.

Jeff’s newest showed ran on Country Music Television (CMT). You can describe this show as a late night talk show mixed with Saturday Night Live skits that featured the “redneck” style of comedy that Jeff made famous mixed with The Man Show dancing girls in Southern accents. Like Foxworthy’s previous show, Blue Collar TV, Jeff and his regular cast of comedians get dressed up in funny clothes and attempt to entertain us in skits. The only difference between Blue Comedy TV and Foxworthy’s Big Night Out is that Foxworthy is all alone as the lead “star”. No Bill Engval, Larry the Cable Guy, or Ron White to “help” him here. You also can’t forget about the country music singers, who sing and “act” on this show.

Each episode in this first and last season of Foxworthy’s Big Night Out featured Foxworthy doing a bit of his stand-up routine to open the show. Then, there are one or two skits that usually feature Jeff, along with his regular cast of unknown comedians, and the special guest country music star. The singers get their chance to participate in the skits, before they close the show with more jokes with Jeff and them singing a song or two.

There is no doubt that Jeff Foxworthy is the best “redneck comedian” out there. So the absence of Bill, Larry, and Ron doesn’t hurt this show that much. Nor does the regular cast of comedians around Jeff. They are usually funny. One of the main problems is the addition of country music stars. For the most part, they really should stick to the singing. Some try hard to be funny and succeed, while others fail miserably. Still that is not the biggest problem with this show: That award goes to the content. Surprisingly, the stand-up that Jeff does to open each episode is fairly fresh. Even hardcore Foxworthy fans will find something here that they haven’t heard from him before. That all goes out of the window when it’s time for the skits to air. There you get the same jokes we have seen before from Jeff and his “redneck” friends.

Minus his recent “mild” success on FOX with Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, Jeff Foxworthy just can’t seem to get over the hump and find success with a national audience. Jeff Foxworthy is the Dave Chappelle of “redneck comedy” and Foxworthy’s Big Night Out is Jeff’s attempt at Chappelle’s Show. Jeff fails to deliver something fresh and original unlike Dave Chappelle, and thus fails again on a show and network that should have been perfect for him. Still, if you want more of the same “redneck comedy” that you have heard before from Jeff, then this is the show for you.


Disc One:

Episode 1

Musical Guest Star: Kenny Rogers

Episode 2

Musical Guest Star: Sara Evans

Episode 3

Musical Guest Star: Trace Adkins

Episode 4

Musical Guest Star: Pat Green

Episode 5

Musical Guest Star: The Wreckers

Episode 6

Musical Guest Star: Joe Nichols

Episode 7

Musical Guest Star: Billy Currington

Episode 8

Musical Guest Star: Montgomery Gentry

Disc Two:

Episode 9

Musical Guest Star: The Warren Brothers

Episode 10

Musical Guest Star: Jack Ingram

Episode 11

Musical Guest Star: Blake Shelton

Episode 12

Musical Guest Star: Hank Williams Jr.

The Video:

The video is in fullscreen color with an aspect ratio of 1:33.1. Transfer is decent with minimal distortion. It’s about as good as it was on national television. That’s all it needs to be.

The Audio:

The audio included is available in English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound. No problems here either. There are no subtitles available or anything, but the quality of the sound is passable for what the show is all about.

The Extras:

This is what the show should have been. There are more funny moments in here than during the entire run. They should have brought that kind of energy to the actual show as it would have turned out much better.

Best of Jeff’s Monologues
This is really not needed, since you have just watched the entire series and seen it all. Yes, it’s a collection of probably the funniest stuff on the show, but a worthless extra.

Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
Another good look at the behind-the-scenes of the show. Again, this is more entertaining the the actual show. You have to check this out.

“The Homewreckers” Featurette
This is special profiles on the dancing girls called “The Homewreckers”. Simply added for “eye candy” I suppose.

“Fitness with the Cast” Featurette
This is a look at the supporting cast of comedians around Jeff Foxwrothy. That’s good, but why are they at the gym? Feels like another feature that was added just to add to the total of features. Total fluff piece.


If you are a fan of Jeff Foxworthy, you will probably like this release. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, though. Fans of “redneck comedy” will also want to check this out, but I can’t recommend buying this DVD set for anyone. That is, unless you are a Jeff Superfan and must have everything by him.

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