WoQW: Official World War III Spring Term Exam


Worlds of Questionable Wisdom: Official World War III Spring Term Exam
By Paul Sebert


Yes dear readers Spring is here, summer is creeping up upon us and it’s time for yet another Comic Nexus Spring Term Exam. For this year’s quiz all the questions will be based on DC’s four issue epic extravaganza World War Three, from the pages of 52. Lets see just how much attention you played to one of the worst mini-series of 2007. So lets grab a number #2 pencil.

World War III Book One: A Call to Arms

1. Where does the scene where Black Adam fights Father Time and Silent Majority take place in context with Battle For Bludhaven/Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters?

A. This battle must have taken place after last year’s Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters mini-series, as Father Time has taken on the appearance of an African American.

B. The scene must take place before both mini-series, as Silent Majority was killed in The Battle For Bludhaven.

C. World War III must take place before Battle For Bludhaven and after Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters, even though Battle For Bludhaven is a prequel to Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters.

D. Wait… Father Time was black in Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein right? So this is after Seven Soldiers but before BB/US&tFF.

2.True of False? The scene of Jason Todd standing in the Batcave on the cover of World War III Book One appears nowhere in the actual comic.

3. So what exactly was Jason Todd’s motivation for becoming Nightwing anyway?

A. He was beating up crooks and taking their stuff, just like Night Fist from Hitman, even though he still could have done that as The Red Hood.

B. He was upset over Bruce Wayne traveling the world with Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, even though there was no way he should have been able to know about that trip.

C. He wanted to be a real hero again, and his Robin costume no longer fit.

D. Only Bruce Jones knows and he was fired after like 6 issues of Nightwing.

4.How exactly is the 2-page splash scene near the end of 52 supposed to be viewed?

A. Horizontally
B. Vertically

C. The art is designed to be viewed when the book is held vertically while the text is set to be read when the book is held in a traditional horizontal angle.

D. Aaaaaaaugggh! My eyes!

World War III Book Two: The Valiant

5. In the opening of World War III Book Two, from where does Supergirl return from?

A. The Legion of Superheroes timeline, thus meaning Mark Waid’s Supergirl & The Legion of Superheroes takes place during 52.

B. The alternate pre-crisis timeline from the last arc of Peter David’s Supergirl run.

C. The weirdo version of Kandor from the second Supergirl story arch which we thought took place after 52.

D. Your guess is as good as mine.

6. After months of fan controversy how was Batgirl’s (Cassandra Cain) villainous turn/possible brainwashing by Deathstroke explained?

A. After seemingly being mortally wounded by Black Adam, Cassandra Cain’s injured body is rescued by Deathstroke.

B. Cassandra Cain is kidnapped by fellow Titans East members Sungirl and Inertia at Deathstroke‘s request.

C. Deathstroke strikes a deal with Cassandra’s sister Annalea to fake her death, while discrediting Batgirl and luring Cassandra into a trap.

D. In a one page sequence Slade says “Batman doesn’t trust you, ergo you should trust me” and Batgirl’s response is “Hmmmm…”

7. True or false half of this issue exists solely to tie up plot points from the last ill-received Aquaman series?

8. Which DC comics Super-heroine makes a gratuitous camel toe shot in this issue.

A. Aquagirl
B. Elasti-Girl
C. Supergirl
D. Bumblebee

World War III Book Three: Hell is for Heroes

9. Black Adam’s killing of Young Frankenstein most closely resembles which Mortal Kombat II character’s fatality?
A. Jax
C. Reptile
C. Kung Lao
D. Baraka

10. The version of Terra from the Teen Titans that Black Adam killed was…

A. A girl exposed to a DNA altering virus that turned her into an exact clone of the original Terra.
B. The original Terra plucked from the past by the Time Trapper.
C. A or B depending on who was writing at the time.

11. Which subplot left ove from One-Year Later is actually addressed in this issue was actually addressed?

A. Why Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon broke off their engagement?
B. How Hawkman going missing for one year?
C. Why caused Kate Spencer from Manhunter to quit her job.
D. Why the Outsiders were believed to be dead?

12. True or False? The scene featuring Ben Turner in his Bronze Tiger costume on the cover actually appears in this issue.

World War III Book Four: United We Stand

13. Which member of Infinity Inc doesn’t appear in the opening two-page group scene of this issue?

A. Fury
B. Jade
C. Nuklon
D. Matrix

14. True or False? The scene depicting the Great 10 all fighting side by side on the cover actually appears in this issue.

15. How does Martian Manhunter first attack Black Adam in this issue.

A. Flying in and hitting him with a right cross to the jaw.
B. Blasting him with his heat vision.
C. Kicking him in the head.
D. Head butting him from below right in the junk.

16. World War III is best described as…

A. A ill-conceived attempt at tying up subplots that the writers of 52 somehow couldn’t manage to fit in the span of 50 freakin’ issues.

B. A clumsy retread of the Superboy Prime fight scenes from Infinite Crisis.

C. A thinly disguised prequel to a Martian Manhunter re-launch that no one actually bothered to read.

D. All of the above.


1. D 2. True 3. A ,B, or D 4. C 5. A 6. D 7. False 8.B 9. A 10. C 11. C 12 False. 13. A 14. False 15. D 16. D