Report of Stone Cold on Regis


The promotional tour continues, as Stone Cold Steve Austin was on Live with Regis & Kelly this morning to promote The Condemned.

In the interview, they started out talking about Wrestlemania, with Regis claiming Austin kicked Trump low at Mania, and “Trump liked it!”

Kelly asks if Hollywood producers comb the WWE ring to look for the next big stars, and Austin says he doesn’t know about that, but some of them are lucky enough to get an opportunity to be in movies, and he’s greatful.

Austin talks about the plot of the movie, jokingly claiming that it’s a feel-good film. He says the director yelled at him once, but he hit him with a steel chair.

Asked if the in-ring promos and wrestling experience helped, Austin says yes, but WWE Films hired him an acting coach who really took care of him and helped him as he prepared for this gig.

Regis said that wrestlers are probably the greatest characters played on television, so it’s a natural progression. Austin replied saying that playing Jack Conrad gave him an opportunity to show a new side of his personality.

They finished the segment by showing a clip of the film, and plugging that it opens today. Also, later on the show, during a celebrity lookalike segment, they brought out a fan who looked just like Stone Cold.

Regardless of hype — which includes a ton of promotion on WWE television, plus tactics such as marching a bunch of men in orange criminal jumpsuits around Manhattan — the movie has been getting pretty bad reviews overall, although some have given it a pass as nothing more than a brainless action movie. Our friends over at will have a review up later today, the Motley Fool takes a look at the business side of this, and you can check out other reviews of the movie here.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.