Pardon The Pulse – NFL Draft First Round

Welcome to the NFL Draft 2007 presented by Tailgate Crashers and your very own Pardon The Pulse freaks.

We are going to be around for the entire day. Well, from what I understand…Paulie and I will be around for most of the first round. Matt is going to drop by from time to time if the wedding business doesn’t make him a madman. And I hear Charles Joseph will show up later as well.

We will bring you live coverage as the picks happen along with any trades, rumors, and signings.

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Let’s kick it off a little before the draft even begins in 30 short minutes at 11AM EST.

~ ESPN is reporting that sources are confirming the Oakland Raiders will take LSU QB JaMarcus Russell with the top overall pick in the draft. This possibly ends any speculation that Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson had done enough to move up to number one.

~ NFL Network’s analyst Adam Schefter is reporting that with Oakland taking QB JaMarcus Russell (LSU), the Lions have told him they will take WR Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech) with the second pick. He then has said his sources say that the Browns will take OT Joe Thomas (Wisconsin) with the third pick.

Danny:(watching ESPN’s coverage) “Mel, Behrman, Mort, Steve Young………and KEYSHAWN???”

Paulie:(watching NFL Network’s coverage) “Somebody had to take Irvin’s place. So they went for the next closest thing that wasn’t T.O. I can tell you now, Danny, I wish I had Keyshawn over here. Deion is already annoying the hell out of me on NFL network.”

Paulie: “OK, Danny, one more advantage you have over me. You don’t have to watch these dumbass sketches with Will Ferrel and the USC guys. “

Danny: “I don’t even want to KNOW what you are talking about. ESPN has some cool commercials in between with a guy talking like Micro Machines fast. They talk about how anyone can be a star…and he talks about their whole career, what people thought, college, number pick, and to how they ended up. So far we have seen TJ WhosYaMama and Marques Colston.

Annnnd Mort has a f*cked up mic. “

Paulie: “I think I saw the one with TJ Whosyomamma earlier. So with Cleveland now supposedly going with Joe Thomas at 3, is it more of a certainty that Quinn falls to Minnesota at 7? Or Does Gruden add to his stable of QB’s?”

Danny: “I really can’t see Chucky taking another QB when he has at LEAST 3 good ones on the roster as of now. I don’t really count McCown. Quinn is about to pull a Matt Leinart.”

Paulie: “I really don’t see him doing as bad as Leinhart did. If he gets past the Vikes I’m sure Miami will take a shot at him. If he does fall past Miami though… the furthest down I’ve seen him going in mocks is to Carolina. Which would make my TV eat shoe.”

~ New NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell greets everyone and welcomes us all to the NFL Draft with a small tribute to Virginia Tech. He is joined on stage by former Hokies Bruce Smith, DeAngelo Hall, and Mike Vick. Plenty of cheers for Hall and Smith, and a nice mix of boos and cheers for Vick.

Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer has also joined them on stage.

~ The Draft is under way. The Oakland Raiders are on the clock. I am watching ESPN’s coverage with Keyshawn Johnson, Chris Behrman, Steve Young, Chris Mortenson, Mel Kiper, and Mel Kiper’s hair.

Paulie is checking out the NFL Network while he’s here with me that is being hosted by Deion Sanders, Rich Eisen, Steve Mariucci, and Marshall Faulk.

1.) Oakland Raiders – QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU

Paulie: “And Al Davis has officially not completely lost his mind.”

Danny: “Seriously, this is the pick that needed to be made and Davis smartly made it. Now let’s see if he’s stupid enough to get rid of one of Russell’s targets by trading Randy Moss.”

2.) Detroit Lions – WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

Danny: “And for the first time in a long time, the crowd actually cheered like mad. This was the right pick, even if they trade him away. He was the best player and available, take him.”

Paulie: Marshall Faulk made the point that the last time Mike Martz was an offensive coordinator on a mediocre team that got a 1st round wide out he took that team to the Super Bowl the next year.

But there’s also the possibility that this pick is a place holder pick and a trade may still go down similar to the Chargers/Giants trade with Manning and Rivers.”

3.) Cleveland Browns – OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin

Paulie: “A slight surprise, but giving Charlie Frye some protection on the blind side and it may be what they need. But now it’s time to see just how far Brady Quinn and Adrian Peterson now fall.”

Danny: “We were right Paulie…the Charlie Frye era is NOT OVER!”

4.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DE Gaines Adams, Clemson

Paulie: “Hate to admit it, but it’s exactly what they need. The offense is actually fine, and Calvin Johnson not being on the board right now may be the best thing that could have happened to them.”

Danny: “Simply cuz the Bucs defense is an average age of 106.”

Paulie: “Mooch might be in trouble. He just made a comment about Adams’ bubble butt going in the air.”

5.) Arizona Cardinals – OT Levi Brown, Penn State

Danny: “This was necessary to protect Edge and Leinart. The Cards proved they were a good team last year, but without protection…they’re offense won’t be able to do half of what they are capable of.”

Paulie: “They may possibly move him to the right side with Leinhart being a lefty. And Mooch thinks he’s better suited for the right side anyway. I’m guessing they’ll got RB in the second round if they don’t get another OL so that they can get Edge’s breather man.”

CJ: “God damn it…we’re gonna pick quinn.”

6.) Washington Redskins – S LaRon Landry, LSU

Danny: “Yes folks, that makes it two, count ’em TWO LSU players taken in the first 6 picks. Thank you, thank you!”

Paulie: “That’s going to be one hell of a safety tandem back there. Now Washington doesn’t pick again until the 5th round and poor Landry will rot out there in Skinsland. Marshall Faulk made a good point that the Redskins still don’t have anyone to pressure the QB and without the QB pressure it doesn’t matter who they have on the back line, they’re going to get burned.

And Quinn’s gf looks like Ashley Simpson. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing.”

CJ: “Did goodell just call him LaBon Landry?”

7.) Minnesota Vikings – RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma



Danny: “I wonder if he’s happy? Excellent pick here! Looks like Quinn is headed to Miami!”

Paulie: “Going with the two back backfield. That could be scary, if defenses can stop keying on the running game. And Miami has just creamed their pants because now THEY get to draft Football Jesus.”

8.) Atlanta Falcons – DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas

CJ: “Nice Pick. Best overall defensive end in the draft.”

Danny: “Can you imagine if SOMEHOW Quinn pulled a slide of Aaron Rodgers proportion? Dude….I would have SWORN that Petrino would snag Okoye!”

Paulie: “I dunno about this. Yeah, they had to replace Kearney and Abraham is getting on in years, but they needed a run stuffer in the middle and Okye would have been that. I don’t like it. So… yeah, I really do like it. Way to go Falcons!”

9.) Miami Dolphins – WR Ted Ginn, Ohio State

Danny: “OH MY GOD! And Triggs has showed up on that note!”

CJ: “Pick is in….Ted Ginn Jr.

Really??? Wow…WR was about 3rd on their need list. Wow.”

Matt: “WOW…all I have to say.”

Paulie: “Holy crap, Ginn THIS early? Just… wow. Wow.

According to Schefter, Houston was going to draft Ginn at #10 and is now desperately looking to shop the pick, probably either to Buffalo or the Jets.”

10.) Houston Texans – DT Amobi Okoye

Danny: “Anyone who would have gotten this kid got a great player. Nice pick!”

CJ: “That really helps solidify their front line. Good pick.”

Paulie: “They’re really focusing on defense. I’d have liked to have seen them take a cornerback here but Okoye’s raw talent is hard to deny.”

Danny: “And Goodell invited the Quinn group to a private area away from the cameras.



Paulie: “Hahaha, Goodell took Quinn into his private green room where there are no cameras so no one will see him crying.

All of us get out of our heads!”

11.) San Francisco 49ers – LB Patrick Willis, Mississippi

Danny: “I’ve watched this kid play against LSU for years and is an excellent pick. And with the upgrades the Niners made on defense in free agency, this helps even more.”

CJ: “Willis. He should help their defense. But he needs someone in front of him to keep the linemen off him. Good start, but they need more help on D.”

Paulie: “The guy they really wanted. You know they breathed a sigh of relief when Buffalo didn’t trade up to 10. Seattle had best do some maneuvering, they’ve played around long enough, the rest of their division is finally getting to the point where they’re all gonna pass them by.”

12.) Buffalo Bills – RB Marshawn Lynch, California

Danny: “Well did they lose Willis McGahee but WOW! Get him a golfcart on the field STAT!”

Paulie: “Probably really high for a Rb to go as deep as the class is. But they also really needed a running back cause A-Train sho nuff ain’t the answer. I would have liked to have seen them take a cornerback here though.”

13.) St. Louis Rams – DE Adam Carriker, Nebraska

Danny: “Not too much of a shock because they need help on the line and he’s a damn good player. He’s big and has a lot of speed. He can play the entire line outside and inside, so this was a great pick.”

Paulie: “The Rams had several needs on defense. But Leonard Little really needed some help on the D-Line. This guy can play along the entire line, inside or outside and that versatility will make him very dangerous.”

TRADE: Jets Are On The Clock After Trading With The Carolina Panthers – Jets Get Panther’s 1st and 6th, Picks Panthers Get Jets’ 1st, 2nd, and 5th Round Picks

14.) New York Jets – CB Darrelle Revis, Pittsburgh

Danny: “A good pick and more then half the moron Jet fans had no idea what to think until the smart ones started cheering. The kid is a ballhog though and will automatically improve their secondary.”

CJ: “I loved the one guy in the middle, heard the name and was like who the hell is that…then just started cheering anyway cause everyone else was. Good Pick for them I would have taken Hall. But Revis is ok.”

Paulie: “And the Jets strike a successful coup on the Steelers, jumping in right in front of them and stealing the guy they really wanted. Definitely fills a pressing need for the Jets and keeps Brady Quinn off the Panthers’ bench.”

15.) Pittsburgh Steelers – LB Lawrence Timmons, Florida State

Danny: “You lose Joey Porter, you go out and get a helluva linebacker. This was a smart pick and is fantastic. He should step in immediately and help out their D.”

Paulie: “Not a bad pick, someone who can kind of fill the hole left by Porter, but he’s kind of small.”

CJ: “First 1st round linebacker taken by the Steelers since the 70’s. Good player. Fits well with Pittsburgh.”

16.) Green Bay Packers – DT Justin Harrell, Tennessee

Danny: “This surprises me. Unless they have the trade locked down for Randy Moss, then why they didn’t grab Meachum or Bowe is beyond me.”

CJ: “Bit of a shocker here. They needed help on the D-Line, but he doesn’t halp Brett Farve much. I still like the pick for the packers. “

Paulie: “Wow… umm… he’s big guy. Haven’t heard much on him, but Green Bay needed so much more than a DT. And why not Branch here? Very odd pick here by Green Bay. “

TRADE: Broncos Are On The Clock After Trading With The Jacksonville Jaguars – Broncos Get Jags 1st Round Pick, Jags get 1st, 3rd, and 6th Round Picks

18.) Denver Broncos – DE Jarvis Moss, Florida

CJ: “(Before the pick)Denver trades up, they’re going for Jarvis Moss. They were afraid Jags were taking him so they moved to get him. (After the pick)No applause…Please. Just because no one on ESPN said it.

Please…no applause.”

Danny: “DUH! Excellent pick that makes the Broncos a very dangerous defensive team. Their secondary is excellent after adding Dre’ Bly, and now they put this kid on the line? Uh oh!”

Paulie: “This helps with Denver not having to blitz so much this year and not have to leave their safeties on islands. They really could have used a linebacker to replace Al Wilson, but this is still a very good pick for them.”

18.) Cincinnati Bengals – CB Leon Hall, Michigan

Danny: “I would love it if the Bengals drafted a parole officer! Amazing Hall lasted this long and the Bengals get him in a steal. Highly talented DB who can play one on one with anyone. Little short, but he can make up for that with his perception and speed.”

Forum Insyder SSquared: “Or a den mother!”

CJ: “Cincy takes…Charlie Manson.

Some kidding aside. Leon Hall. Great pick up for them.”

Paulie: “Exactly what Cinci needed. That pass defense needed serious help. Now, how long until the corruption of the city overwhelms him?”

19.) Tennessee Titans – S Michael Griffin, Texas

Danny: “Another frickin shocker to me. They needed some more offensive weapons, especially for Young to throw too and running back help. But I guess help in the secondary with Pacman gone for the year is more important, and Griffin is a damn fine player. Odd draft so far.”

CJ: “Michael Griffin. Good player. Little surprising. But good player.”

Paulie: “Odd pick here. Tennessee really needed a receiver for Vince Young to throw to. I thought that would be a must pick here. Maybe they have a plan for the second round.

And with that, I’m out of here for the day. You kids have good fun. And if you hear something on the news tonight about a mad shoe killer, you’ll know what happened.” (This is in reference to how badly Paulie doesn’t want his Panthers to take Brady Quinn)

20.) New York Giants – CB Aaron Ross, Texas

CJ: “Good pick. They needed DB help.

I love that they always show people looking like “Who the hell is that” “

Danny: “An absolutely excellent pick for the Giants although as the EPSN guys were saying, they should have shored up their offensive line to protect Eli. Ross is a sick hitter with great skills and good read ability.”

22.) Jacksonville Jaguars – S Reggie Nelson, Florida

Danny: “I watched Nelson play against LSU and he is just a good player. He makes good reads and can end up anywhere on the field at any time and you won’t even realize it. Great pick.”

: “Great Player. Terrific Ballhawk. Mel just called him and Ed Reed Type. I don’t think he’s as big and strong, but just as good going after the ball.”

TRADE: Browns Are On The Clock After Trading With The Cowboys – The Browns Get Cowboys’ 1st Round Picks and Cowboys Get Browns’ 2nd Round Pick and 1st Round Pick in 2008

22.) Cleveland Browns – QB Brady Quinn, Notre Dame

Danny: “Good Lord…he didn’t fall as far as Aaron Rodgers did, but I can’t believe the Browns got him too. I know they did not expect to still be able to get their hometown boy after taking Thomas earlier”

CJ: “Browns trade up with Dallas.

So many sighs of relief.”

23.) Kansas City Chiefs – WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU

Danny: “DAMMITT! I WANTED BOWE! None the less, the Chiefs get a beast of a wide receiver. He had good hands and then got lasik surgery and now he has great hands. The speed isn’t the best, but he is a big guy who can beat you in open field or just muscle the ball away from you. Three LSU players in the first round baby…and Craig Davis will go later on today.”

CJ: “Danny Misses his guy. I would have taken an O-Linemen or DLine. But this was a need pick.”

24.) New England Patriots – S Brandon Meriweather, Miami

CJ: “Great potentional, questionable history. Good fit for New England, and fits a need.”

Danny: “After the way they stocked up the offense in the offseason, this doesn’t totally surprise me. He has some open field problems with tackling, but is still a great player. Also, he better watch out or Goodell will hit him with a helmet. Kinda surprised though they passed on Olsen.”

25.) Carolina Panthers – LB John Beason, Miami

Danny: “Again surprising as they didn’t take Olsen whom I expected them to take when they were at the 14th pick. Good player though whoi will fill in for the loss of Chris Draft and Dan Morgan.”

CJ: “Fills in for the ever concussed Dan Morgan. Same school too.”

TRADE: Cowboys Are On The Clock After Trading With The Eagles – The Cowboys get the Eagles’ 1st Round Pick and the Eagles get the Cowboys 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Round Picks

26.) Dallas Cowboys – DE Anthony Spencer, Purdue

Danny: “Are ya serious? Damn good player, but again…they traded away two extra picks to Philly for that?”

CJ: “Good fit. Interesting Pick, but good fit.”

27.) New Orleans Saints – WR Robert Meachem, Tennessee

Danny: “I like it. I really like it. Colston is our number one, Devery Henderson is our deep threat, and Meachem will fit in nicely as possibly a number two wideout. Another weapon for Drew Brees is good. I only hope this Tennessee WR works out better then the last Tennessee WR we had.”

CJ: “Wow..Meachem it is. Look out for that offense. Wow.”

TRADE: Niners Are On The Clock After Trading With The Patriots – The Niners get the Patriots’ 1st Round Pick and the Patriots get the Niners 4th Round Pick and 2008 1st Round Pick

28.) San Francisco 49ers – OT Joe Staley, Central Michigan

Danny: “This is a damn good bargain with the Niners picking up this kid when I didn’t think he’d still be available. They upgraded their defense very nicely, and now this helps their offense a lot.”

29.)Baltimore Ravens – G Ben Grubbs, Auburn

Danny: “Protection here for Stave McNair and Willis McGahee to let them have a little more time. Good player I’ve seen with Auburn, and he’s good in the trenches.”

CJ: “Grubbs definately was going here. Good player, but I think they wanted Staley more.”

30.)San Diego Chargers – WR Craig “Buster” Davis, LSU

Danny: “Wow, the 4th LSU player to go in the first round. A great player that was often forgotten thanks to Bowe, but will automatically build up the Chargers’ offense. Good hands, great speed, and plays hurt.”

CJ: “4 Tiggers…wow. You said he was going later today, but I don’t think anyone expected him to be a first rounder.”

31.) Chicago Bears – TE Greg Olsen, Miami

Danny: “Their defense is fine even with losing some players, they needed a tight end and got a fantastic one in Olsen. Him being around this late in the first round is a great bargain for the Bears. Now here’s hoping that Grossman can get it to him consistently.”

32.) Indianapolis Colts – WR Anthony Gonzalez, WR Ohio State

Danny: “Filling a hole as a third receiver since Stokley is gone, this is a nice pick. I really expected them to go for a CB though since both of their starting corners from last season are now gone!”

CJ: “Very surprising. They needed secondary help and line backer help. They are in for a fall next year.”

That ends the first round folks and it was a long one. The longest one in NFL history. Head over to the forums for more discussion and I’ll keep updating for the 2nd and 3rd rounds today, just not with every pick.

This article was getting WAAAAYYYY too long, so another has been started for the remaining six rounds. Check out all the rest of the coverage here: NFL Draft Rounds 2-7.