Serial Watcher – ER – Episode 13-20

I love it when I’m wrong. Two weeks ago I wrote, even if I didn’t use those exact words, that we’ll never see Diana again, as she’s part of a one-week storyline. I was wrong, as she came back to County General, this time as a patient. She’s dying a slow, painful death, much like ER.

When we first saw her, she was taking pictures of dying hospice patients. This week, she’s back because her cancer’s in its final stages. She refuses chemo or any other treatment. She only wants to go to Costa Rica and sit on the beach. No matter what the ER staff tries, she refuses anything. So by the time the episode ends, Sam takes her home and keeps her company, so she wouldn’t die alone.

Chaz started working as an EMT and brought his first patient to be treated by the good folks of County General. Too bad that a few hours later he had to be admitted for alcohol poisoning, as part of his hazing. I wonder what kind of poisoning he’ll have when the other guys on the force will find out he’s gay, and you know they will.

Gates was having a really bad day. He thought he’s the new hero of the ER when a procedure he performs, despite orders not to, succeeds. Things turn bad when Morris sent him home for disobeying his order (He almost sent Abby with him, but she used Luka as a shield). Later that day, he learned that Mike was drinking when he was out with Sarah. This finally caused Tony to lose it with Mike, throwing him out and getting into a fist fight with him. It doesn’t mean we won’t see Mike any more, but one can only hope. And please, take Tony with you.

But Tony isn’t the only one having a bad day. The ER, as a whole, has a really bad one, as the place is closing down for renovations, with no re-opening date set. Everyone has new temporary assignments in the hospital. Of course no one’s happy about it, especially Luka who had to deliver the bad news. At the end he resigned his position as chief of emergency medicine. It was bound to happen he’s not good at being the bad guy, and as chief you have to be the bad guy from time to time. As the episode ended, the lights were turned off at the empty ER.

The ending to this episode would have been fitting for a season finale. It was a nice visual, to see the RT empty and dark. Unfortunately, there are three more episodes left this season. There are still a few issues they need to tackle in those episodes (Sam and Alex, Luka and Abby’s wedding, Tony and Sarah, Ray and Neela), but not one of them is truly interesting. It’s like their coasting by, until an overly dramatic out of proportion season finale, like they do every year. Oh well, at least most of it is behind us.