Richly Deserved: The Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 11-11

We’ve had two straight weeks of the teams nervously going about their travels and tasks in non-elimination leg weeks.

This week, they departed from Macau headed to Guam. Climbed an air traffic control tower at a U.S. military base, then to a U.S. naval base (Memories of the American-dominated family edition start to flow), then to yet another fort/pit stop.

The detour was a choice between washing a military plane and taking part in a training exercise involving a humanitarian drop of supplies to a neighbouring island.
The road block involved a Naval search and rescue using a GPS and naval helicopters.

Outstanding leg for these two. They took the wash detour and though they weren’t able to charm the supervising military personnel, they finished the detour first. Then Dustin dominated the road block and had a lot of fun along the way. An easy trip to the pit stop and some all-terrain vehicles. I AM NOW A FAN. Hope they have a good final leg.

They had generally a second-place race. They finished the wash detour second. Danielle did the road block because Eric had completed his road blocks and she had a lot of trouble with it. She broke down but eventually found her naval person. They got a bit lost on the way to the pit stop but ended second. They have put themselves in nice position for the finale.

They chose to do the humanitarian detour and while they enjoyed it and had less work to do, they were last out. They got directions to the naval base then Charla did the road block to save the last one for Mirna. Charla had a bit of trouble working the GPS but eventually got it done. A quick route to the road block and a third-place finish. Regardless of their finish next week, it was a great run.

Already marked for elimination, they were last to get to the ferry and missed the first flight to the connecting flight to Guam but caught up with the other teams.

They were third to finish the detour but when they got lost heading to the naval base, that was the end. Oswald finished the road block slightly behind Charla but when he saw her, he gave the line of the season, “The Teletubbies go to war.”

They indicated that Charla and Mirna were “class acts” and wanted them to win. They also enjoyed going through the race a second time.

Next week, the season finale. And we’ll bring you all the excitement as the teams reunite at the finale party.

Yup, Richly Deserved goes on the road again.

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