Make Movement: The Cons of The Great Khali and a Sensational Idea for TNA


Let me just lay it out for you the best way I can, keeping in mind everything you’ve seen in the last 48 hours of wrestling: would you pay $40 for John Cena and The Great Khali to main event a pay per view? I know I wouldn’t. That absolutely killed RAW for me, for what wasn’t a terrible show. The Great Khali under no circumstances should be performing in the main event picture when he is limited to a basic move set that includes: choke slam, tomahawk chop, throwing, choking, punching and trademark grunting. Here are the pro and cons of The Great Khali:

Pro: He’s bigger than Andre the Giant. Con: Andre could WORK and had a personality.
Pro: No one likes him. Con: He can’t wrestle, at all. People bounce off of The Great Khali to make a “match.”
Con: When you wrestle the Great Khali it usually means you’re going to lose. Con: The idea of The Great Khali as the World Champion is just as upsetting as Cena pulling through and remaining champion again.

I don’t know what else to say, I don’t want to see this match happen.

Moving on, the best match on RAW was Randy Orton versus Edge, and it opened the show. Great energy, proof that fans want to see more wrestling and less talking. If you reward the crowd with quality matches, they will respond and not sit on their hands. If they could have kept up the energy of this match the entire night, it would have been one of the best RAWs of the year. This match could have gone either way and it was a believable match, and I am honestly surprised it was given away on TV, as fans have been looking forward to this match for months. I look forward to the next match if Orton doesn’t get shipped off to Smackdown or ECW.

Cena and Michaels III on TV would be too much giving away from the WWE so it did make sense to swerve it, even if it was with the wrong antagonist. Maybe we’ll see it again in two months, but if Cena has to work a horrid program with The Great Khali, what is left for Michaels to do? What a waste of Michaels talent.

Jeff Hardy and Nitro had zero point except to give Cade and Murdoch a chance to show some personality at the announcing table and they showed signs of life. Nitro has no point on RAW anymore, him and Masters are about at the same point on the food chain of pushes at the WWE. No post match beat down on Hardy, as they try to create some intrigue into the tag team division.

The overexposure of The Condemned continues as ‘no one’ goes to see the film. Rush this one to DVD and Austin will be having one hell of a payday.

RVD is placed in a match with Umaga, which usually means the kiss of death, and a sign that RVD is on his way out. However, much to my surprise, it was a good match and RVD had some offense, instead of just getting squashed. ECW’s in even more deep trouble (didn’t think that was possible) with Vince McMahon as their ECW World Champion. It ruined the PPV on Sunday and it’s going to continue to plummet the show, but I guess Vince couldn’t resist becoming a World Champion in his former competitor’s back yard.

I don’t know if WWE waited too long to pull the trigger on Flair and Carlito’s feud, but it’s now here and I enjoyed the last minute energy of a brawl between the two on the entrance ramp. I’m glad to see Flair in a feud that could get him regular TV again, and hopefully a chance to get some old Flair/Horsemen like promos again (after all, they need to push that DVD!). To read the review of the Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen DVD, read Scott Keith’s review. I suppose there is a 10% chance Torrie will turn heel with Carlito but she has no character depth so I guess she’ll be on Flair’s arm full time.

Mr. Kennedy may be the smartest character in WWE programming to say he’s cashing in his money in the bank the last possible day, the biggest pay day of them all, WrestleMania 24. I want Kennedy to stay on RAW, I like the possibility of Edge and himself in a (money) program, it translated very well during Edge’s promo on Sunday.

Mickie James has been wearing some hot new outfits lately, similar to Trish Stratus’s ring attire, and it works for her. The biggest shocker of the match was the fact Candice pulled a head scissors on Victoria, she must be in training. We’ll see how that goes. I miss Trish Stratus and I miss Molly Holly.

Speaking of women, I have a idea for TNA, and I hope they borrow it from me. Since they have the very over Jay Lethal as Black Machismo, why not bring in the perfect person to go along with this hot angle: Sensational Sherri. The girl can still work, can still draw and it’d be hilarious. If you can’t get the real thing, find a good imitation, maybe a African American woman and have her wear the Sherri face paint and Machismo influenced attire and do splashes off the top rope. However, I’d prefer the real Sherri because it would be great television.

Here is a YouTube flashback of King Macho and Queen Sherri:

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