ECW News – RVD & New Breed


Rob Van Dam has turned down what is said to be the final offer from WWE. According to the Observer, his current contract expires in early summer and no non-compete clause will be in effect, meaning he could potentially appear in TNA straight away. What this means for Sabu remains to be seen, as Van Dam and Paul Heyman were more or less the only people keeping him from being let go. Meanwhile, the Sandman, despite being in the doghouse with The Undertaker a few months back, is keeping quiet backstage and behaving himself.

The Punk/New Breed storyline was originally written by Dusty Rhodes and Dave Lagana and meant to be played out at a much slower rate than what has been happening lately. Meltzer says it is a case of “too many cooks” spoiling it.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, May 1, 2007 (click here for subscription info)