Horsemen DVD Details


In an interesting note about the new Four Horsemen DVD released by WWE, the comment made by Paul Roma about Ric Flair wanting to be Roma ”but never could” was deliberately manipulated by WWE in order to get something controversial for the feature. In his review of the DVD in the latest Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer says most of Roma’s interview was ‘completely favourable to his experience and to Flair & Anderson.’ Only when WWE producers said the other Horsemen had been negative about him did Roma change tact and become the on-screen heel they wanted. Similarly, Flair and Anderson had not said negative things about Roma until they were shown the footage of him knocking them. WWE used the same ploy to get Roddy Piper to bad-mouth Bret Hart when they were filming the planned Screwed: The Bret Hart Story DVD that was later shelved when Bret agreed to work with them on it.

Additionally, Meltzer writes that Arn Anderson is one of the most respected road agents backstage. He is especially good with match endings and uses positive reinforcement teaching movements. He will rarely bury anybody and the sole exception thus far, C.M. Punk, is thought to have happened for the main part because Anderson heard Triple H and Shawn Michaels burying him first. That made him think it was the ‘official’ opinion of him and therefore the right one to agree with.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, May 1, 2007 (click here for subscription info)