Smackdown Preview for May 4, 2007 & Preemption News



Preview: Backlash fallout
May 4, 2007

For the first time on broadcast television, the controversial conclusion to the highly brutal Last Man Standing Match at Backlash will be shown this week on SmackDown. Tune in to catch the rare opportunity to see this exclusive footage from the savage encounter. Watch fans at Backlash react to the carnage of the Last Man Standing Match.

Speaking of Backlash, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker and Batista will both head to Friday Night SmackDown beaten and battered. How will these men respond to their vicious meeting at Backlash?

Also on SmackDown, Matt Hardy and Mr. Kennedy square-off in one of the most highly competitive confrontations in the brand’s recent memory. Who will walk away the victor, gaining unbelievable momentum on SmackDown?

Finally, Montel Vontavious Porter arrived in Atlanta hoping to claim his first taste of gold when he took on Chris Benoit for the United States Championship, but the resilient Rabid Wolverine used his experience and quick thinking to retain his title. MVP and Benoit have one of the hottest rivalries in sports-entertainment, and on Friday, this rivalry is sure to continue on SmackDown.

According to, Smackdown will air in Canada on 5:30pm on The Score, along with a midnight replay and 7pm Saturday replay, due to the NBA playoff game. The show will air in Rochester, NY, at 8pm Saturday. Troy will have a recap of the show later today, followed by Eric’s Short Form, so stay tuned to Pulse Wrestling…

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