OVW TV Report for April 21, 2007

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Following is the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV report from April 21, 2007, according to OVWrestling.com

April 21, 2007 – Davis Arena

OVW Television started off this week in the back as Cody Runnels was about to cash in his Golden Ticket for the shot at the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Before Cody could get to Al’s office, he was stopped by Shawn Spears his Tag Team partner. Shawn seemed surprised to see Cody was going to cash in the ticket rather than team up with Shawn for the Tag Team Title rematch. Shawn proceeded to put a guilt trip on Cody, claiming that Cody didn’t care about their tag team. Shawn claimed the ONLY thing he cared about was their tag team (as he clinched his OVW TV Title a little closer). Shawn brought up the time Ox was about to crush Cody but Shawn jumped in the way, “taking the bullet” for Cody. Cody was obviously feeling a bit guilty now, but Shawn told him “to do what he thought was right.”
As Cody got to Al’s office, Al expected Cody to be cashing in his Golden Ticket but Cody stated that he and Shawn wanted a rematch for the OVW Tag Team Titles. Seeing as though Cody and Shawn were the former champs and had not yet invoked their rematch clause, Al had no choice but to make the match for later in the evening.

Johnny Jeter def. Nick Sinn via Pinfall

The match started with Sinn taking a quick cheap shot as Jeter had his back turned before the opening bell. Sinn proceeded to choke Jeter and use a variety of illegal tactics. However, it wasn’t long before Jeter came back with strikes of his own. Jeter lit Sinn up with some fiery chops, which was the beginning of the end for Sinn. Sinn gained a few cheap shots but to no avail and was ultimately put away by Jeter’s “Genesis Kick.”

Dean Hill took fans back to last week’s savage attack on Referee Goose Mahoney from Paul Burchall. After the footage from last week, the show came back to see Goose standing in the ring with an arm sling and a microphone. Goose explained that he suffered a dislocated shoulder from Burchall’s curb stomp. Goose said that after the pain and suffering his family had to endure from watching him get attacked, he had been authorized by OVW to fine Paul Burchall $1000 dollars! Burchall stormed out enraged by what he had heard. Burchall snatched the microphone from Goose and backed Goose into the corner. Burchall claimed that what happened last week “was not his fault” and that apparently his actions “did not have the desired effect.” Burchall said that maybe Goose “needed a reminder”. Burchall grabbed Goose’s injured arm but before he could lash out anymore punishment, Idol Stevens came out to stop him! Idol & Burchall brawled until Security was able to separate them. Once Security gained control of the situation, Idol told Burchall that if he wanted a title shot, he had it and he had it tonight!

Katie Lea stood in front of the mirror admiring how good the Women’s title looked on her and decided she was the most fascinating creature in OVW. Suddenly, ODB interrupted Katie’s self-admiration. ODB asked Katie if she was saying goodbye to that title because she was going to loose it to ODB tonight. Katie was a bit stunned because it seemed ODB had already been drinking, ODB claimed she had already begun her celebration with a beer and had 24 more for after she won the Women’s Championship! ODB then toasted Katie by spilling some Beer into Katie’s face! As Katie watched ODB leave with disgust, she noticed Melody in the back with her “Miss OVW” Crown & Ribbon on. Katie told Melody that ODB was claiming to be the REAL Miss OVW, and that if she was Melody, she’d doing something about that!

OVW Women’s Championship
ODB def. Katie Lea via DQ

The match began with a quick shot from Katie Lea to ODB. Katie took control of the beginning of the match, hitting ODB with numerous strikes and allowing ODB little if any offense. Whenever ODB got in an offensive maneuver, Katie would use an illegal strike to cut ODB off. Katie continued to rake ODB’s eyes until ODB mounted a comeback with some running shoulder tackles. ODB then sat on the top turnbuckle giving Katie some unique head butts to the top turnbuckle. Finally, ODB hit Katie with a flying Lou Thesz press from the second turnbuckle! As ODB was pummeling Katie Lea, Melody came in and hit ODB with a viscous clothesline! Melody proceeded to choke ODB with her Miss OVW Ribbon as the referee called for the bell. Katie mocked ODB after Melody’s attack, knowing she had pulled a fast one over ODB by tricking Melody into attacking her!

As Jamin Olivencia and TJ Dalton were talking in the back, they heard a soft sneeze coming from behind the big screen TV. They looked to see Beth Phoenix hiding from Jacob Duncan! Beth was visibly shaken by this man who is obsessed with her, so TJ & Jamin decided they would put a stop to Jacob’s reign of terror by taking him on in a handicap match!

Jacob Duncan def. Jamin Olivencia & TJ Dalton via pinfall

Jamin & TJ started off with some double team offense but to no avail as Duncan swatted them away like flies. Jamin & TJ came back and hit an impressive double team maneuver that saw Jamin DDT Duncan as TJ jumped on his back from the top rope! However, amazingly, the move was not enough to put away the monster as he kicked out after both Jamin & TJ were on top off him! This seemed to make Duncan angrier, as he came back at the two athletes with viscous force. Jamin tried a flying attack but was caught by Duncan and launched across the ring with a belly-to-belly double chokehold Suplex. Duncan then tossed Dalton over the top and out of the ring to focus on a lifeless Jamin. Duncan was momentarily distracted as Beth came out to the entrance way begging him to stop the massacre. Then Duncan proceeded to chokeslam Jamin right out of his boots for the cover and the 1-2-3!

Rombola stated he and Pat Buck had unfinished business and that it was time to settle it. Pat Buck came out with his cronies claiming that their business was most certainly done, Buck claimed that it was done when he beat Rombola in the Rock in Roll Weapons Match. But Buck said he was a generous man and if Rombola wanted to get his hands on him so bad, Buck would give him the opportunity, but first Rombola would have to go through Buck’s personal security guard, Tony Braddock! Rombola was no worse for wear, claiming he would go through 400 pounds of Tony Braddock & he would get his hands around Buck’s scrawny neck! With that, Rombola fired at Braddock “Bacon Boy! It’s dinner time baby!”

Tony Braddock def. Rombola via pinfall

The match began with the two men trading blows. This continued until Tony hit Rombola with a thunderous clothesline. It didn’t take long for Rombola to mount a comeback with some quick forearms. But as Rombola went to the top for a big splash, Braddock moved out of the way and sent Rombola crashing to the canvas. Then Braddock went for a running splash but Rombola moved away just in time. As Braddock was getting to his feet, Rombola went for a sunset flip which had Braddock teetering backwards. Braddock fought to keep his balance and eventually gained enough footing to give Rombola a huge sitting splash and get the win! As Braddock sat on a lifeless Rombola, Gothic Mayhem got in the ring to celebrate their “victory.”

KC James was trying to tell Al his arm was getting better but he would still need about 3 or 4 months. Then Jake Hager came after KC James, but before he could get his revenge, Al Snow broke the two up. Jake said he was tired of getting cheated by KC’s cast. KC claimed he beat him time and again and that he could beat him with one arm tied behind his back! This gave Al a great idea, put Jake Hager with one arm tied behind his back against KC James with one arm tied behind his back! Jake accepted, although KC wasn’t too fond of having the match tonight.

One-Arm Tied Behind Your Back Match
Jake Hager def. KC James via pinfall

KC demanded the ref to check Jake’s arm to make sure it was tied. As the ref was distracted with checking Jake’s arm, KC worked to loosen his knot and free his cast. Jake started the match off with some leg sweeps and managed to lock James in a hammerlock. Jake took control of the first half of the match with some amateur wrestling maneuvers. But as the match went on, James’ arm got looser and eventually he had the use of both arms. James took advantage of whenever the referee wasn’t watching to whack Jake with that hard cast. But James miscalculated a clothesline that allowed Jake to roll him up in a modified cradle! The ref came to just in time to see Jake roll KC up and counted the 3 to give Jake the win!

OVW Southern Tag Team Titles
Ox & Hammer (Champs) def. Cody Runnels & Shawn Spears via pinfall

Cody & Hammer started the match off in what was to become a contest of speed versus power. Cody & Shawn used their quickness and agility to get the upper hand on Ox & Hammer numerous times, landing a variety of double team moves. Eventually, Ox & Hammer singled out Cody and began to beat him senseless. Cody tried tagging Shawn, but it seemed as though Ox & Hammer had him scouted. Finally, Cody made a quick tag to Shawn, allowing him to come in with fiery forearms and chops to Ox & Hammer. Being the fresh man, Shawn took it to Ox & Hammer giving Cody time to recover & hit Ox with the flying clothesline! But before Shawn could get the pin, Hammer pulled Cody to the outside allowing Ox & Hammer to hit Shawn with a double spinebuster to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles!

OVW Heavyweight Championship
Aaron “The Idol” Stevens (Champ) vs. Paul Burchall fought to a no contest

The tension between these two was felt the second they both entered the arena. They started off brawling outside the ring. Neither man began with a clear advantage, but Burchall eventually gained the upper hand as the match progressed. It was long before Idol came back with some strong clotheslines that caused Burchall to leave the ring prompting Idol to chase after him! The two brawled on the outside again until the referee made the 10 count causing the match to end in a double count out! This didn’t stop the two from brawling, however, as they took the fight back into the ring causing security to come back and try to separate them. Burchall & Idol simply took out each security guard and continued to fight each other. After they ran through all the security, Al Snow had to come out and try to establish some order. Shockingly, Paul & Idol BOTH punched Al Snow and continued to brawl as OVW went off the air!

What happened after OVW went off the air? Will Cody Runnels finally cash in his Golden Ticket? Will ODB get revenge on Melody & Katie Lea? Tune in next week to see what happens as another night of amazing action occurs at the Davis Arena!

Credit: OVWrestling.com

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