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Danny Cox is a workhorse – he posts multiple times weekly in both The DVD Lounge and Popcorn Junkies as well as Tailgate Crashers.

He’s been iced for over 2 months for this particular Hot Seat – did the long wait allow for extra preparation, to achieve a high score? Or did it create so much pressure that we could see a back to back goose egg? Let’s get to it:

1) As you know, we always start with geometry – how do you calculate the surface area of a cube?

Cox: I sucked in math in high school even though I was in honors, failed algebra twice in college and accounting three times…so my answer is….”a shoe!”

Judges: obviously wrong. 0 out of 1

2) With summer blockbuster season ahead, rank these sequels of sequels in order of expected box office success, from most to least successful – a) Spider-man 3 b) Shrek 3 c) Die Hard 4 d) Pirates of the Caribbean 3 e) Ocean’s 13 f) Harry Potter g) The Bourne Ultimatum h) Rush Hour 3

Cox: Pirates Of The Caribbean, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Shrek (unfortunately), Bourne Ultimatum, Die Hard 4, Ocean’s 13, and for the love of God let Rush Hour 3 bomb…because if Chris Tucker goes into a religious rant and then says the F-word, I’m out!

Judges: That looks about right to the judges 1 out of 2

3) It has been recently discovered that Cadbury reduced the size of Crème Eggs in 2007. What % less in size are 2007 crème eggs than pre-2007 crème eggs?

Cox: Coming from someone who doesn’t like much chocolate and could do without Mr. Cadbury all together…I am going to say 15% because whomever he is, the man is a money-grubbing whore who just makes money hand over fist and I give him all the credit in the world. Especially if he can make his product smaller and get the Bunny to bring him in the cash!

Judges: That is remarkably close – they were once 39 grams and now 34 – a 12.8% reduction. Unfortunately the Hot Seat abides by Price is Right bidding rules and since you went over, it’s a bust 1 out of 3

4) 4) Which of these actors would you choose to star in your next romantic comedy: a) The Rock b) John Cena c) Steve Austin d) David Arquette e) Drew Carey

Cox: I’d pick Austin because Drew Carey is striaght up funny…no romance, the Rock would be in love with himself, David Arquette….I don’t know…and the less of John Cena I see the better. Especially because you KNOW he’d bring that damn spinner belt with him on the set everyday and try to get some action. Austin is a funny as hell guy with the invisible wtch bit from years ago…and can romance you, even if it’s with his fist!

Judges: The correct answer is the Rock – he is damned charming. How could you choose a wifebeater?? 1 out of 4

5) And finally, in 100 words or less, discuss the Condemned’s performance at the box office in its first weekend, expected box office gross total, and prospective DVD performance:

Cox: The film just flat out bombed and I’ve heard it compared to AHNOLD’s Running Man…uhhh no! It won’t break $35 million at box office but will rebound in DVD sales as WWE loves to do! WWE Films…what the WORLD is watching…on DVD!

Judges: The Running Man is a classic, and the Condemned is indeed a huge bomb. congrats. 2 out of 5

Below average performance with a 2 out of 5, but the passion was there and it appears like some of the questions just didn’t break his way. Remember to catch Danny almost every day in The DVD Lounge, Popcorn Junkies and Tailgate Crashers

2007 Hot Seat Results
Friday May 4 – Danny Cox – 2 out of 5
Friday March 2 – Kevin Wong – 0 out of 5
Friday February 23 – Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz – 3 out of 5
Friday February 16 – Gordi Whitelaw – 3 out of 5
Friday February 2 – Shawn M Smith – 1 out of 5

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