WWE 24/7 Line-up for May 2007


WWE.com posted the following May lineup for its 24/7 subscription video-on-demand service:

May 2007: Latino Legends

The greatest “Latino Legends” in sports entertainment history are featured all month on WWE 24/7 On Demand. From Mil Mascaras and Pedro Morales to Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, Latino Superstars have made a huge impact throughout the wrestling world and will be featured throughout May.

All your favorites are here too, including:


  • Hall of Fame: Pedro Morales – He was the first Latino wrestler to achieve Superstardom in the WWE. Follow Pedro’s’ amazing career as he became the first Superstar to win all three (3) major WWE Championships with classic battles against Ivan Koloff, Ken Patera, Magnificent Muraco and many more.
  • Eddie Guerrero Raw Tribute – Just 24 hours after the tragic death of Eddie Guerrero, WWE Superstars come together on a special edition of RAW to celebrate Eddie’s life. This emotional show features moving Superstar testimonials, tribute matches and classic moments featuring “Latino Heat”.


  • WCW When Worlds Collide – A truly unique event as the art of Lucha Libre is showcased in America by the best high flyers from around the world. Featured Superstars include Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Konnan, Psicosis, “Pegasus Kid” Chris Benoit and Tito Santana.
  • Old School: Madison Square Garden (12/19/77) – A rarely-seen 70s classic from MSG. Mil Mascaras challenges Superstar Billy Graham for the WWE Championship, “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes battles Stan Stasiak, Bob Backlund takes on Mr. Fuji and much more.


  • The Monday Night War – In the ultimate battle for sports entertainment supremacy, both WWE and WCW pull out all the stops. Michael Cole brings you two (2) new episodes featuring incredible matches. Nitro highlights include Hollywood Hogan facing The Giant and Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko. RAW is headlined by Rocky Maivia vs. the British Bulldog and The Undertaker squaring off against Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  • History of ECW – Tazz and Joey Styles take you back to the early days of Extreme with two (2) new episodes of “Hardcore TV”. Don’t’ miss “Superstar” Steve Austin’s hilarious parody of his former boss Eric Bischoff and The Sandman defending the ECW World Championship against Mikey Whipwreck.


  • It’s non-stop action as the WWE Spanish Announce Team, Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera, present classic Lucha Libre contests. Featured matches include Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero, Tiger Mask vs. Jose Estrada, Konnan vs. Psicosis, Super Crazy vs. Mosco de la Merced and many more.

    This synopsis is just a small sampling of the monthly WWE 24/7 On Demand programming.

    Credit: WWE.com

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