Tuesday News EXPLOSION!

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WWE.com has posted the following update on former OVW and Tough Enough Champion Matt Cappotelli:

One week after having a brain tumor removed, Matt Cappotelli is recovering well.

“The tumor was completely removed,” said Dr. Ferdinand Rios. “The operation was a success because he hasn’t lost any vision at all.”

Doctors will know more soon, as the pathology report is due within two weeks.

“He’s awake, talking, eating, and very conscious of where he’s at, so he’s doing very well,” Dr. Rios said.

WWE.com promises updates to Matt’s health as details are available, and of course we wish him a full recovery.

In other news:

– WWE.com also writes about
Kennedy’s injured right arm, claiming that Kennedy originally hurt the arm over the weekend and that “his valiant effort [vs. Edge last night] resulted in him tearing his right triceps muscle right off the bone.” The story puts him over as a babyface who never quits.

– There’s a video up on WWE.com where Edge says the “WWE Championship” will be his.

– Also on WWE.com, there’s a story on Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella.

– WWE.com has a story up on Shawn Michaels’ injuries sustained in his match vs. Khali last night on RAW. WrestlingObserver.com reports, however, that this is a worked story and HBK isn’t expected to miss any time.

– Speaking of RAW, according to WrestlingObserver.com, last night’s show did a 3.6 cable rating.

– Also from the Observer’s Web site: Christopher Nowinski will be a guest on the premiere of HBO’s Real Sports show on May 14 talking about concussions and football.

– Finally, WrestlingObserver.com reports that WWE 24/7 is now available on Charter Cable, and that WWE is giving away a free month of the subscription video-on-demand service in September.

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