ECW On Sci-Fi LIVE Coverage — 5/8/2007

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“Earlier Today,” Bobby Lashley gets out of his car. Armando Alejandro Estrada waits for him, with cops at his side. If Lashley enters the building, he goes to jail. If he lays a finger on Estrada, he’s arrested. So, Lashley pushes Estrada away to his doom and is arrested.

Opening Montage with “Bodies” by Drowning Pool playing as always, followed by a shot of the crowd and Harry Slash’s “This Is Extreme” playing. Joey Styles and Tazz hype up the 3 On 1 Handicapped Match for the ECW Title as the Original ECW’s spirit is apparently on the line as well.

CM Punk Vs Elijah Burke is slated for WWE Judgment Day.

CM Punk Vs The Alpha Male w/ Elijah Burke

The former Monty Brown has Elijah with him. Joey refers to Male as, “the enforcer,” of the New Breed. CM Punk chant as the match begins as it’s announced that Edge has won the World Heavyweight Championship earlier during the WWE SmackDown tapings. Meanwhile, the color coordinated combatants go back and forth, before CM forces Male outside. Male pulls Punk outside and drives him spine first to the post. Back in the ring as Male goes after Punk’s ribs which appear hurt. Alpha works the bearhug for a few minutes to wear Punk down and then a Belly To Back Suplex gets a 2 count. Both men continue fighting with Punk eventually getting a 2 count with a Cradle. Punk winds up dumped outside of the ring where Burke lurches around. Punk fights his way back into the ring, going to the Top Rope and hitting a Springboard Clothesline. He favors his ribs and makes the cover for 2. Punk goes for the Tornado DDT, but Alpha Male tosses him over the top and to the floor. With the referee preoccupied, Burke lays in a kick against Punk on the outside. Punk rolls back in at the last second, only to get hit with the Pounce by the Alpha Male. And that’s your match as Alpha Male gets the win.

Winner: The Alpha Male

Joey and Tazz go over Edge’s road to the World Heavyweight Championship, first with the Raw highlights of Edge goading Ken Kennedy to a match in which the Money In The Bank would be defended, followed by highlights of the prematch jumping by Edge, then the 4 second match that followed, with Edge winning with the Gore (Spear with left shoulder). Then earlier tonight at SmackDown (though not mentioned by name), Edge wins the belt. The WWE website is pimped and we go to break.

Back from break as we get highlights of The Condemned.

The Sandman Vs Gene Snitsky

Sandman appears to still be favoring injuries sustained in last week’s Main Event. Sandman takes the fight to Snitsky, but Snitsky applies the the Double Underhook before tossing him to the ropes. Boot To The Face finishes it for Snitsky as he gets the pinfall victory on ECW Original, The Sandman.

Winner: Gene Snitsky

Backstage, the McMahons and Umaga are happy for Snitsky and look forward to beating up Rob Van Dam. Umaga yells something that appears to be incoherent and we go to break.

Ozzy Osbourne has the official theme for WWE Judgment Day which is “I Don’t Wanna Stop.”

Extreme Expose as the trio of ladies perform in Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys. They perform to a Britney Spears song and the crowd appears mostly quiet.

Joey and Tazz go over the WWE Backlash highlights of Vince McMahon winning the ECW World Title, then highlights from WWE Raw involving McMahon and Lashley, including the announcement of a rematch from Backlash for WWE Judgment Day. Then for those just tuning in, we get a replay of what happened at the top of the show.

Backstage, Elijah Burke talks with New Breed teammate, Matt Striker. Burke instructs Striker to accompany him to the ring as he’s about to take on one of the Major brothers.

Back from break and the Major brothers are ready for action.

Elijah Burke w/ Matt Striker Vs Brian Major w/ Brett Major

Tie Up to start with an exchange of slaps in the corner, which leads to Elijah getting aggressive. An odd Sunset Flip variation gets a near fall, followed by a Backslide, which gets 2. Burke with a Snake Clothesline. Brian begins to fight back. He goes for the Pez Whatley Press, but hits nothing but air. Burke hits the Stroke (called the Elijah Experience) for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Elijah Burke

Up next, the ECW World Title Main Event!

Back from break as ECW’s resident Ventrue, Kevin Thorn and Ariel do some Tarot card stuff. Kevin’s future is not in the New Breed or in the cards. His future is, “fresh blood.”

Shane McMahon introduces Umaga, who walks alone to the ring as Estrada is still too hurt. Referee Bob Armstrong waits patiently to call the match as the fans boo Shane’s introduction of his father, Vince, the ECW World Champion.

ECW World Heavyweight Championship 3 On 1 Handicapped Match
Vince McMahon (Champ), Shane McMahon & Umaga Vs Rob Van Dam

Van Dam arrives alone for his fight against the McMahons and Umaga. “RVD” chant as the match starts up. It’s Shane to start things off for his team. Van Dam makes sure to look at McMahon as the chants continue. Shane and Rob wrestle around some with Shane getting in an Armdrag as the fans now chant, “We Want Angle.” Rob returns the favor with an Armdrag of his own. Rob plays to the crowd, then spinkicks Shane to the mat. Monkey Flip out of the corner by Van Dam. Umaga’s about to enter the ring, but RVD kicks him out. RVD is now outside and he goes after Vince. Umaga to the rescue, but RVD kicks him away. Shane with a Baseball Slide neutralizes RVD for the moment and they’re back in the ring. Rob’s in trouble as Shane works in an Armbar. Rob gets back to his feet, but Shane with some inside knees. They fight some more, with Rob ultimately coming out on top with a kick to the side of Shane’s head. Umaga interferes, forcing Rob outside. RVD is rammed into the steps outside by Umaga, then rolls him back into the ring. Shane tags in Umaga. Umaga with a stomp to the back of the shoulders. “We Want Lashley” chants now from the crowd. Vince is tagged in so he can try to get the pinfall, but Van Dam kicks out. Vince tags his son back in, who goes on the offense immediately on Rob. Shane tags in Umaga, but now Rob fights back. Shane with a knee to the back of Rob as he bounces off the ropes. Samoan Drop by Umaga and Umaga tags in Vince, who tries to pin again. Again, he gets a 2 count. Umaga is tagged back in. Umaga goes for the corner butt charge, but Van Dam with a Low Dropkick, stops that attack. Both men are on their feet as they fight some more. Rob with various strikes knocks Umaga to his knees. Shane runs in and is tossed out by Rob. Samoan Spike is blocked and Rob goes up top, but Shane knocks Rob, crotch first to the top turnbuckle. Top Rope Superplex by Shane and both men are down. Shane slides over to his corner and tags in Umaga, who hits the Top Rope Splash. Samoan Spike this time is hit and Vince is tagged in. 2 count initially, but Vince tightens up the pinfall attempt and this time gets 3.

Winners: Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga
Still ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Vince McMahon

Tommy Dreamer and Sabu run in after the match as the Winners depart. The show ends with Vince holding the ECW World Title belt.