More Coverage of Smackdown Surprise

News, Spoilers continues its coverage of Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship victory (click the link for spoilers for this Friday’s Smackdown, taped last night), posting a video of Edge after his win as well as a more in-depth interview conducted by Zack Zeigler and Mike McAvennie with the new champion.

Some excerpts of his comments:

I’m like Phil Jackson, Bill Belichick, Scotty Bowman and Joe Torre all wrapped into one… Just when you think you have a game plan mapped out, I change everything up…

I don’t wait for things to come to me. I don’t wait for things to happen… I make things happen. I create the questions, and then I go ahead and give you the answers. There is nobody close to the mental chess that I can play…

I took Raw to new heights and did things that have never been done before. I look at SmackDown as an open field of opportunity for me. It’s competition that I can sink my teeth into — Undertaker, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Finlay…. Those are guys I want to test myself against.

Also on, Noah Starr spoke with several Smackdown superstars to get their reactions to Edge’s title win. Some excerpts:

Looks like we have a new sheriff in town, but he better hold on to that title tight because I’m going to be in line to take it, just like everyone else. – Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero

Even though he is probably the person I hate the most out of anyone on this planet… I’m excited because if he is around here I can get revenge. Nothing would make me happier then stepping into the ring and beating him for the World Heavyweight Championship. – World Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy

Also interviewed for the story are Fit Finlay, Teddy Long, Brian Kendrick and Montel Vontavious Porter.

Also from are a video featuring fan reaction to the match, as well as several photos.

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