Moments Ago: Guarantees for this Saturday


Moments Ago: Guarantees for this Saturday

Never in Ring of Honor’s storied and illustrious history have they put on an entire show without announcing a single match. This speaks to the drawing power that Ring of Honor has, not only in New York, but in all of their normal markets. This was fixing to be a very special show due to the extremely popular advance, but now with the announcement of this Saturday’s show being the first Pay per View in Ring of Honor history it is all that much more special.

Ring of Honor has been in a holding pattern as of late A holding pattern of frigging GREATNESS. Since the beginning of the Fifth Year Festival Ring of Honor has been putting on knockout show after knockout show, this weekend will be no different. You can look at Pulse Glazer’s “A Modest Response” to see my Big Andy-pinions about Ring of Honor Reborn: Again. This week in Moments Ago, however, I will be making a few guarantees of what we can expect in the Manhattan Center this weekend.

Guarantee #1: There will be a Four Corner Survival Match

That seems like a pretty basic guarantee as there has been a Four Corner Survival match on practically every Ring of Honor show. It is however Ring of Honor’s signature match. Like the Three Way Dance in ECW the Four Corner Survival has been a staple of Ring of Honor programming since the beginning.

I will go a little deeper and say that the 4CS this Saturday will feature some combination of BJ Whitmer, Brent Albright, Erick Stevens, Claudio Castagnoli and the No Remorse Corps. Most likely some of the newer faces, Albright and Stevens, will be in there with veterans like Davey Richards or BJ Whitmer. I would not be surprised if the Pay per View, if not the entire show, will be kicked off with this match.

Guarantee #2: The Briscoes will steal the show

On the surface this may seem like another pretty simple assessment. The Briscoes have been on an unbelievable role since the beginning of 2007. They have had the match of the night on almost every show. They will bring their A++++ game to the Manhattan Center’s Grand ballroom.

To bring a little more chance to the guarantee I will predict their opponent. KENTA and Marufugi are one of the premier tag teams in the professional wrestling world, and the last time they met the Briscoes it was in a rain soaked tent at Glory by Honor V: Night One. Respect is Earned, the RoH Pay per View, will be there rematch and they will bring the house down.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson will make his presence felt!

The Best Wrestler in the World will begin his quest to regain the Ring of Honor World Championship. He will not challenge Morishima at this show, but he will begin his return to dominance. Most likely he will have a high profile match and show the fans that he has not lost a step since his injury. He will also show the Pay per View audiences the best wrestler of this generation. He may make a challenge to Takeshi Morishima, but the match will only happen after a lot of hype.

Delirious or Jimmy Rave will get a World Title Match

If Delirious beats KENTA in Connecticut, as I think he might, then he will be facing Morishima for the title. If not Jimmy Rave will claim that since he came so close to winning before his injury, the last time in the Mahattan Center, he will not fail this time.

I know these may not seem like the most out there notions, but remember at the beginning of this column, I said GUARANTEES and not out there predictions. There will be surprises and things that no one can predict to happen that will happen. Ring of Honor will put on an amazing show and will set the wrestling world on fire.

I’ll see you next time.