PWWP: Royal Rumble 2008?


I’m pretty sure next year’s Royal Rumble is at Madison Square Garden in NYC, so WWE’s likely to make a bigger deal of it than usual.

ANYway, it’s early, and injuries/suspensions/whims, etc. can change booking plans on a daily basis, or so it seems, but… Who wins the Rumble next year?

We’ve compiled a list of THIRTY reasonable possibilities, not including the obvious game-changing factors such as (a) WWE bringing in new talent to win the Rumble, (b) WWE not renewing an expiring contract of someone on the list or (c) Trevor Murdoch actually getting a huge singles push. Also, we’ve put Kennedy on the list, even though pre-injury it seemed like the plan was for Kennedy to have a title match at Mania using his Money in the Bank shot, therefore not needing to be in the Rumble. The current World Champions are in there as well, ’cause who knows if they’ll still be holding the gold in eight months?

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Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.