The Hot Seat: Steve Murray

Steve Murray is a rarity in the IWC even at Pulse Wrestling as – he likes to look at the positives in addition to the negatives of wrestling. He also is a regular contributed to the The DVD Lounge .

Will Murray’s positivity and maturity stand up to the extreme heat of the Hot Seat? No time like the present…

1) As you know we always start with geometry. Last week Danny Cox was unable to answer this question so we bring it back to see if you did your homework – how do you calculate the surface area of a cube?

Murray: each face of the cube is a square, so it’s surface area is x*x. There are 6 sides, so the total surface area is 6*x^2, where x is the length of one side.

Hot Seat Judges: Well done 1 out of 1

2) In your regular wrestling column A Look At The Brightside you try to look at the positive of wrestling in contrast to much of the IWC. In 50 words or less – what makes you such a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy?

Murray: Since college, I’ve learned the benefits of being able to crack a joke at any time in order to ease tension. Plus, my wife is very stressful about.. well everything. So, I have to keep a positive attitude just to make sure the household stays calm. And I have two young sons – I have to believe the world is overall a good place – otherwise, what kind of future will tehy have?

Hot Seat Judges: A great outlook on life and truly an inspiration to the Hot Seat and everyone reading. But over 50 words and thus can’t get the credit. 1 out of 2

3) Heading to the fast food area of expertise, what are the seven layers in the new Taco Bell 7 layer Crunch Wrap? (order not important)

Murray: Great – You have picked the only fast food place I have never eaten. Umm, let’s guess: cheese, meat, tortilla, beans, guacamole, sour cream, .. and… sauce?

Hot Seat Judges: only 5 out of 7 correct – a great effort but we needed all 7. 1 out of 3

4) With the WWE Main Event scene in turmoil, pick three undercard wrestlers that you would next choose to shoot to the top within a year and explain why you chose who you chose.

Murray: Shelton Benjamin – the greatest athlete in the WWE, by far. Pair him with someone who can teach him how to speak, and he has no ceiling. Carlito – a natural speaker, very charismatic and he shows a new move in the ring every month, at least. And Elijah Burke. A bit green, but as good an athlete as Sheldon, and as good a talker as Carlito.

Hot Seat Judges: Three great choices and ones that could make an impact in WWE in 2007 and beyond. 2 out of 4

5) And finally, as someone who got their start on Inside Pulse with guest appearances in Eric S‘s column, what advice do you have for the hot seat on Eric’s upcoming Hot Seat Debut later this Spring?

Murray: Firstly, review old geometry questions from previous Hot Seats. And besides that – do no other preparation. IMO, this comes off a lot better if the answers come from the heart, and don’t sound rehearsed.

Hot Seat Judges: Well everyone’s responses come from the heart but these questions are scientifically created using complex algorithms. The judges were unable to use your advice for anything productive 2 out of 5

Some quality answers that lost points on technicalities aside, Steve Murray came in below average and continues the rough performance of Pulse staffers on the Hot Seat in 2007. Next week Eric S finally takes his place on the Fiery Throne – don’t miss it.

2007 Hot Seat Results
Friday May 11 – Steve Murray – 2 out of 5
Friday May 4 – Danny Cox – 2 out of 5
Friday March 2 – Kevin Wong – 0 out of 5
Friday February 23 – Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz – 3 out of 5
Friday February 16 – Gordi Whitelaw – 3 out of 5
Friday February 2 – Shawn M Smith – 1 out of 5

Jonathan Widro is the owner and founder of Inside Pulse. Over a decade ago he burst onto the scene with a pro-WCW reporting style that earned him the nickname WCWidro. Check him out on Twitter for mostly inane non sequiturs