Jesus Christ, Noes.

He may not exactly be metal, but it’s still worth mentioning- if you haven’t heard, video of Chris Cornell’s recent “super-secret” live show is here. (Note to Cornell: next time it’s going to be at a confidential venue, try not to make it one of the biggest and most obvious Seattle clubs.)

His new material is all over the place, from unfortunately Wallflower-y adult contemporary rock (“She’ll Never Be Your Man”) to a highly anticipated return to his heavy grunge roots (“No Such Thing”). The show leaves something to be desired in terms of timing and vocal quality- Cornell is effectively his own anti-smoking campaign when he strains for the high notes that once provided the bedrock of his style and unmatched talent- but hell, it’s the band’s first live show together. I’ll give ‘em a break. Worth a watch just to see what the old boy’s up to these days.

Recommendation: skip “Hunger Strike” and “Jesus Christ Pose” if you want to preserve any fond memories of Cornell’s once (and mostly still) glorious pipes. He’d do well to just cut those from the live set entirely.