Serial Watcher – ER – Episode 13-22

Another week, another episode of ER. Same old same old. The ER is back at work after the renovations, which seemed to have come and gone with no visible changes.

Ray is missing and nobody seemed to care about until halfway through the episode. In case you don’t remember, Ray had a close encounter of the hurting kind with a truck last week and nobody’s heard from him since. That’s probably since he’s either in a coma or dead. Finally Neela shows up at his apartment, only to find it empty and his fish dead. Now, if this was Lost it would probably be a clue telling us Ray is sleeping with the fishes, but the writers of ER aren’t that sophisticated.

Speaking of Neela, she learns she’s not as special as she thought when she finds out hers weren’t the only lips Mae lee tried to hook up with at the wedding, and now she’s leaving. Pour Neela, but at least she still has the love of Dubenko, Toby and Ray. Or perhaps not, since she turned two of them down and the third maybe dead. So she went from four potential lovers to none. Nice. Tony, in the mean time, gives her the cold shoulder and decides he wants to raise Sara. This has nothing to do with it, but I figured this is a good place to stick Tony and get it over with.

Hope and Archie are doing the nasty, and they’re doing it nonstop. They took over the honeymoon suite at the Ritz and Hope gave it to Archie big time. They haven’t left the suite for the three days, those wacky kids. Archie just wants to stay there forever, thinking the sex will stop when they check out, but Hope lets him know he has nothing to worry about. What kind of world are we living in, that Archie gets the loving from someone like Hope, while Pratt has to beg for loving from Bettina and he only gets shot down?

Yes, Pratt still hasn’t gotten anywhere with the extremely hot Bettina from radiology. Pour Greg. No matter how hard he tries, she turns him down. And if that wasn’t enough, a hotshot doctor from ICU, Dr. Kevin Moretti arrives and treats him like an incompetent student in front of everyone on the staff. Moretti tries to turn Pratt into a better doctor and turn the ER around, but he’s not very supportive. When the episode’s over, Dr. Moretti (played by Stanley Tucci) seems to accept an offer to replace Kovac as chief of emergency, so he’s here to stay for a while. Of course the season is ending next week, so “a while” might be a bit of a stretch.

And finally, the newlyweds. Luka and Abby prepare for their honeymoon in the sun. Abby has to spend the day at work while Luka makes the arrangements. As the episode ends, Luka gets a mysterious phone call in Croatian and something is wrong.

Yes, that’s the setup for next week. ER always does something huge for their season finales. They always have some sort of ridiculous over the top cliffhanger and this year it seems to involve Luka and Croatia. I’m sorry, but I guess I’m at a place where no matter what they try, it won’t catch my attention. Dr. Moretti seems like a nice addition to the ER, but since he’s not gonna be sticking around much, so it seems, I don’t think he’ll be able to make a significant change on the show. The season ends next week, but I really wish it would be the series finale.