Diva News & Stephanie Hires New Writers


Stephanie McMahon hired three new writers recently. Only two names are reported by the Wrestling Observer, Jen Hunt and Rick Gurney. Hunt is said to be well-versed in WWE back to the ’90s and is being groomed as Stephanie’s pet project, since she wants more powerful women on the team.

Also, after her latest promotion, Stephanie now oversees talent relations. She now has greater input in who is hired, contract negotiations and payroll, while John Laurinaitis must report directly to her. Kevin Dunn remains in charge of TV production and Shane McMahon runs ‘Global Media’.

The winner of this year’s Diva Search will get the usual $250,000 one-year contract. Kevin Dunn was the one who initiated it and complained to Vince McMahon that WWE’s new aim of presenting the women in a classier light, to attract more mainstream sponsorship, would hinder the Diva Search. Because of this Vince is thought to have changed his mind about the new direction for the Divas.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 14th May 2007 (click here for subscription information)