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The Matt Hardy Will Not Die-aries
What’s that sound? That’s the sound of a million people rolling their eyes reading the new title for Matt Hardy’s postings at

Just in case that wasn’t enough Matt Hardy for you, here’s something from his myspace page. A Hardy mother’s day.

And in case THAT wasn’t enough blogging for you, FHM Online is now featuring blogs from Carlito, Kennedy and Cor Von.

How does he have time to open a restaurant with all that blogging?
JR is still blogging. It’s like he lives at his keyboard. His restaurant, Matt Cappotelli and Edge on Smackdown. He also responds to comments, which is the norm for him.

Did you know that lotto winners very often open up restaurants and wind up penny-less? Just a thought.

He’s also got another post up which talks about JR’s BBQ sauce being onsale at the shopzone and being shipping internationally. It’s not huge news, but it’s good for JR and co. who can ship internationally now. And of course, more responses to more comments.

Roadkill… I mean Antony Kulakowski from Pier 6
According to the PWInsider, Roadkill wrestled Funaki at house shows this weekend, but he wrestled as Antony Kulakowski. Interesting that they’re still grooming him even though they’ve pretty much dumped or dumped on all the other ECW originals.

Saturday Night’s Main Event venue and date changes, local paper interviews Matt Hardy
Why Matt Hardy? Why not? Of course Edge was brought up a few times.

Superstars page changes, makes headlines at bottom of link post has added the Major Brothers to the Superstars page.

The Next Big MMA Star?
Brock Lesnar talked with Yahoo! Sports about his upcoming MMA debut, the pros and cons of a pro wrestling career and more. In an interesting note, the story says that Brock and Reno Mero are no longer married.

Deck chairs shuffled in Stamford
WWE hired Jennifer McIntosh as Vice President of Publicity and George Cabico as Publicity Director. Cabico will work under McIntosh. McIntosh reports directory to new head of marketing Geof Rochester. This is according to