Make Movement: Will You Be Buying Judgment Day?


There is a PPV Sunday called Judgment Day that WWE was trying to do a last-minute sell for on RAW. Was it successful? John Cena opened the show looking like someone had ran over his dog. Yes, we got a serious promo from Cena, no lame penis jokes or talking about The Great Khali’s manhood, instead we got the WWE World Champion mourning the fact that The Great Khali embarrassed him and stole his title. Cena’s in trouble because he doesn’t back down from a challenge, and got his ass handed to him as Khali mocked him with a interpreter (thank you WWE). Cena is outsized by a guy who can’t work. Were Cena’s pleas (for you to buy the PPV) working? Time will tell. No matter what WWE does, nothing can make Khali look like a good main event investment.

More solid action from Jeff Hardy versus Trevor Murdoch, and more of the sportsmanship angle. I suppose the trigger is going to be pulled at Judgment Day for the good sportsmanship to end. I’m glad the two tag teams are getting a focus each week, however, the tag team division is still not existing. Where are the other teams? They certainly aren’t competitions for their spot. They are instead rotting away their talent on Heat somewhere.

I’m so tired of the Lashley/McMahons/Coach and Umaga angle that I hope it ends really soon. And if you couldn’t get enough for championships that only involved two sets of talent, then cue in Chris Masters and Santino Marella. I hope this won’t lead to a series of matches, since pushing Masters is hopeless because the fans have stopped caring months ago and Marella is building creditability but I have no idea what kind of staying power he is going to have. I’d put him in a program with Super Crazy when he comes back.

No Mickie James on RAW at all, and instead we get a improving Candice Michelle (better than Torrie, worlds better than Ashley, and less than Mickie) versus Victoria as Melina does her best Sunny impersonation and tries to commentate. I’d much rather see Melina versus Mickie again but as of the time of writing this article, there is no women’s match on the PPV anyway. Candice wins because Victoria has to put over everybody, and instead of bringing someone like Jillian Hall over, we have to try to rally around Candice to be a wrestling women’s superstar in the making. I don’t want to go that far but I am pleased at her improvement.

Edge came out for his heel heat for his farewell ‘I’m your World Champion on Smackdown so watch!’ promo, for a extremely long entrance. HBK came out for a non-challenge and then they are in a match together because with Cena destroyed for the night, Shawn needed to work.

Another filler match of the night, Heat’s very own Val Venis versus Carlito. Impossible to be excited when there is no doubt that Val is going to lose. Ric Flair comes in to deliver a post-match beat down, to tease their PPV match. Thank God it was Flair Country because otherwise this angle is going nowhere.

Shawn was getting ready for his match, Orton came by to say hi, says he can beat him and now they have a match on the PPV. Talk about thrown together! I’m interested in that match more than any other match on the PPV, actually. Shawn versus Edge was a good match, and I’m truly surprised Shawn beat him cleanly though sadly we’re back to worked angles again. I really hate worked injuries, especially post-concussion ones. Orton comes to beat down Shawn and towers over him to close out the show.

Overall, a pretty mixed show to promote the PPV, I just don’t think it’s enough to bring in the buyrates.

The only other big news of the week: Kurt Angle is the new NWA World Champion and apparently it will last as long as his celebration did on Sacrifice. They should have truly let him have a celebration and instead it was treated as just another controversial day on TNA. That had to be one of the biggest drop balls from TNA of the year when Kurt Angle’s entire purpose was to be the NWA World Champion.

Finally, I want to leave you with a true classically bad storyline clip that a dear friend reminded me over of the weekend. Does this bring back memories? I blocked it out of my memory.

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