BLATT vs. ECW live coverage for May 15th, 2007

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Let’s go over some news bits from the week before jumping right into the show.

First off, thanks to Kace Evers for covering the show last week. Check out Kace Evers on ECW on SciFi from last week.

If you missed my interview with Nigel McGuinness, check out the audio here, you can let it play while reading onward:
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Anyway, the big piece of news is that the Rob Van Dam goodwill tour of 2007 has a distinct end in sight. According to a news post from Burnside, Rob Van Dam’s last show with the WWE will be at ONS3. To replace RVD’s star power on ECW, the WWE is thinking of sending Randy Orton to the show. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that being on ECW is viewed as a punishment. Then again, all the guys on the show might be thinking that too.

As a side note, I hope we see Rob Van Dam in Ring of Honor and not in TNA at all. Everyone who we’ve heard from who has had any contact with TNA has said that they’re no signing anyone new until they get a two hour time slot. I doubt this “rule” will stick with RVD, but I sincerely hope he doesn’t go to TNA. Maybe all he needs to do is watch the show and make that realization for himself.

Meanwhile I don’t think that we’ll see that much of the ECW title on the ECW show anymore. They seem content to keep the ECW title on RAW, which is something that I’ve been saying for a while now. The Lashley v. McMahon feud that’s been going on for months now will most likely continue going down the Austin line as Vince can’t wrestle a full program and Lashley’s injured and needs the protection of sportz entertainment until his injury heals up.

Anyway… on to the show.

So we open with a recap of last night. That Lashley beatdown and blah blah blah. Check out more with our RAW coverage.

The live show opens with Vince addressing the camera. He talks some trash to Lashley pimping their match. Vince announces the New Breed vs. Bobby Lashley for tonight and another 3 on 1 match at Judgement day. Whatever.

So the whole ECW Originals vs. New Breed has to be over. THEY RELEASED SABU. He showed up late and without his gear. This has been a bad week for ECW news. Shows me for going away for a vacation.

Rob Van Dam is in the ring and Joey calls this match punishment by Mr. McMahon for what happened last week. That’s funny on multiple levels.

Rob Van Dam over SNITSKY by DQ
Both men stare down to start. Rob Van Dam gets beat down by SNITSKY, but tries to fight back with some kicks. They don’t work all that well and RVD gets some more kicks. SNITSKY hits a body slam and two elbows, but that only gets a two. TWO!

SNITSKY goes for some forearms to the chest, then gets some boots in the corner. SNITSKY hits a vertical suplex, but can only get two. TWO!

I don’t think Rob Van Dam is in this match. It might as well be a red shirt out there. RVD gets some elbows in, but is clubbed down by SNITSKY. SNITSKY holds RVD in an underhook and RVD breaks out with some knees, but the momentum is cut short. RVD avoids getting squashed in the corner and manages to get some offense in. RVD finally gets SNITSKY down with a windmill kick, but missed Rolling thunder. RVD avoids a big boot and SNITSKY gets crotched on the ropes. RVD hits a running spin kick to knock SNITSKY off the ropes, but RVD can’t get a break and gets a nasty clothesline. SNITSKY gets pissed, grabs a chair and hits RVD for the DQ finish.

How… boring. We were supposed to see Kevin Thorn beat Sabu, but instead we’re gonna see a show that was scrambled together at the last minute. A shame no one thought to just put more wrestling on the show. The good news is that CM Punk is wrestling next.

CM Punk over Stevie Richards by Go to Sleep
CM Punk hasn’t wrestled all that many matches in ECW. I think that about a quarter of them have been against Stevie. Punk’s sporting the DDP rib tape today to better sell the POOOOUUUNNNNNCCCEEEE from last week. Punk goes to the kicks early in the match followed by an exploder suplex. Richards goes for the ribs with a short knee and some kicks. Richards rips the tape off of Punk and continues with the kicks. CM Punk goes for more kicks, but it’s cut short.

Richards gets a nice bow and arrow on Punk, but Punk battles out and goes for three pinfall attempts. Stevie hits a standing Warrior’s Way on Punk for a two. TWO!

Damn. Richards continues the punishment with a grapevvine and some more kicks. Stevie misses something in hte corner and gets crotched on the turnbuckle. Punk hits a hanging neckbraker from the second turnbuckle, but can only get a two. TWO!

Richards goes for a tornado DDT, but instead Punk reverses it into a Go to Sleep. Here’s something to note: Stevie Richards has never beat CM Punk.

Burke’s in the back with Striker and Cor Von and Burke says he’ll lead them to victory.

Kevin Thorn and Ariel come out, freshly quit from the New Breed. Well, he’s not gonna beat Sabu tonight, who’s he gonna fight? Uh oh.

Kevin Thorn over Nunzio by Dark Kiss
Nunzio is hailing from Rockland County, New York tonight. MY prediction is that no matches are remotely interesting tonight. I don’t think this will be any different. Thorn over powers Nunzio as I’m losing interest of the show. I tried Fresca for the first time tonight. Fresca’s pretty good. It’s kinda like 7-Up and Sprite, but it’s a little lighter. Doesn’t have the same bite that the other two lemon-lime drinks do. That’s a good thing, because that’s what I don’t like about those drinks. It’s not quite Moxie, but it’s nice. Have you had Moxie? Moxie’s a great soda that doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves.

Ariel’s looking a little weird lately. Maybe it’s her new “classier” image.

Torrie Wilson saying that no one likes Melina has some humor to it based n the backstage goings on that has leaked to the internet. Every now and again they let some things slip that make the internet laugh, that’s one and earlier tonight Styles saying that RVD was fighting SNITSKY as punishment for what he said last week was also a laugher.

Ugh. It’s Extreme Expose. As usual Kelly is a beat or two behind the other two strippers. I don’t care what Andy Wheeler has to say about them, it’s pointless on ECW.

In case we didn’t watch RAW, or the beginning of the show, they replay the video from earlier in the show.

Oh goody. Lashley’s gonna talk. Hearing them refer to anything as the “No Touch Rule” is creepy. A no touch rule sounds like something that you implement with your 13 year old daughter’s 18 year old boyfriend. Not when you’re Bobby Lashley.

Lashley over the New Breed
Alright, it’s main event time. Burke starts the match against Lashley and gets control with a headlock to start? Lashley has had enough and responds with a hanging vertical suplex. Isn’t this guy supposed to be hurt? Burke tags in the Alpha Male in a match I want to see one on one. The two tie up and are pretty much evenly matched. Lashley goes behind, Cor Von gets out with an elbow and runs to the ropes, Lashley leapfrogs Cor Von and hits a forearm, knocking MCV to the canvas. Might as well call this one proper, as it’s the only wrestling match all night.

Striker tags himself in during a staredown and immediately gets body slammed and thrown around by Lashley. Lashley gets Striker out of the ring and MCV attacks Lashley as Burke distracts the ref. MCV throws Lashley at the ropes and runs to the opposite. Now this next part is the important part.

Lashley is supposed to get pounced out of the ring, but can’t get to the ropes from where he’s standing in the ring. He runs diagonally VERY SLOWLY once he bounces off the ropes and makes the universal “come here” signal with his arm to MCV to hit him with the pounce. MCV barely hits him and Lashley flies over the top rope. This whole match just went clown shoes.

Striker is still the legal man and tags Burke in, who can’ decide what way to pin Lashley and when he finally does he puts Lashleys boot on the bottom rope AND Lashley kicks out. Who says these guys are too green? MCV is back in and continues having control over Lashley. MCV goes for a rear naked choke, but Lashley powers out, misses a clothesline on MCV and gets belly to back suplexed. Burke is tagged in and hits a dropped fist from the second rope on Lashley’s midsection. Burke gets belly to belly-ed and tags in MCV. MCV is met with some punches and forearms and he runs back to the corner, tags Striker and rolls out of the ring. Striker is pulled in by Lashley and is shoulder blocked in the corner. Lashely hits a few clotheslines and then throws Striker to the canvas in a very impressive power move followed by the spear to the end the match.

The Inside Pulse
What a crappy show. This whole thing was a waste of time. The only match they were really supposed to pump was CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke. There two guys have no other venjue to promote their match and what do we get? Burke’s team is beaten by one man in a handicapped match and CM Punk beat Stevie Richards for the SEVENTH time that I can count, Kevin Thorn had a useless match against Nunzio and they sacrificed most of the roster to the #1 contender. They showed two different promos for Lashley vs. McMahon, but they couldn’t even put one promo together for CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke. Shows how much they give a crap about that feud.