Ultimate Marvel Handbook #204

Hi all and welcome to another edition of the Marvel Handbook. This week we have tons of emailed questions again. I like a lot of email and I‘m glad to see it. So, Daron how are you?

I’m pretty good. Dealing with some personal issues. It looks like I might be getting into a MFA program here in St. Louis, and am trying to figure out how I might attend classes and work my crazy schedule.

I‘m sure that you are ready as always. I know your looking for a good debate. I‘m sure you could always start a debate topic here too. You know that could be an interesting idea.

Ummm… yeah…

Jag emails

Hey there,

Hey Jag

So I was reading through some Hollywood rumours and there has been talk of a Luke Cage movie in the future. Cage has been one character that has really come into prominence in the past few years and one of my favorite characters since they fleshed him out from a street-wise ladies man hero for hire to a stand-up leader and superhero with integrity. So a movie would be cool, right?

I think it could be good if done right. After all some comic movies stink because they are not done right. I wouldn’t want Cage to become another Elektra or Hulk here.

Until I read who’s involved. John Singleton is the supposed director (who hasnt really been that great since Boyz N’ The Hood as he has ) and, my greatest nightmare, Tyrese in the title role (who is an atrocious actor). This trainwreck has Elektra written all over it.
So this got me thinking: who would be best to do a Luke Cage movie. In terms of directors, you need someone who can get the mentality of the character but go beyond a “gangsta” movie. I thought Antoine Fuqua, who directed Training Day, may be a good choice as he did a truly unique film with TD but his other movies aren’t very promising. In terms of gritty, Michael Mann would be great but probably a fantasy.

In terms of actors, I wish I could say Ving Rhames, who’s a bit too old now but has such a kick-ass attitude. I think Djimon Hounsou could be great as he looks built and has been a strong actor for years (although the accent could be a problem…he’d make an AWESOME Black Panther, though). Wesley Snipes’ day is over (he’s Blade, anyway). Denzel is too old and acclaimed, Don Cheadle is too thin (would be an awesome villain for Cage, though…Purple Man, maybe?) and Will Smith is too cartooney. Maybe Omar Epps of House? He seems fit the part but may not have the action chops to do it.

One thing I can say is NO MUSIC STARS. No LL Cool J, 50 Cent or Tyrese. They ALL suck as actors.

What do you think? Luke Cage movie! Cast it! (Hell, for fun, add in Jessica Drew and Iron Fist as well!) Best,

heh. Sure I can try to help

How about director: David Goyer

Actor hmmmmm: Jamie Foxx but he won’t do it. Can’t use Wesley Snipes. Djimon Hounsou could work
Iron Fist: Ray Park (he was supposed to do it anyway)
Colleen Wing: Scarlett Johansson
Misty Knight: Rosario Dawson
Jessica Jones: Jennifer Garner?


Purple Man: not sure who to get yet.

Although, I don’t if I have an opinion on this particular movie or cast, I have to say, Jim, your casting looks like you want it to become another Elektra or Blade 3 (since you have many of the same actors and directors from those movies).

Joe emails

Hello guys,

Hey Joe

A few months back I asked a question about which comics you would suggest me to pick up. Well, I did pick up quite a few at my local comic book shop, and they were definitely great suggestions. Now, here comes the bad part.

Why is there always a bad part?

I was treated like a complete idiot. I went into the store with a suggestion list from you guys and Who’s Who in the DCU. I spoke to the owner, who proceeded to call me a “poser” (yeah, a poser) and he told me that he didn’t have the time to help someone who “wasn’t serious about comics”.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I fell out of comics back in 2000, when my wife gleefully sold all of my comics. (since then, she’s become addicted to Lara Croft, Watchmen and Buffy comics, go figure). Anyways, I looked around the shop for myself, picked up a few other comics that looked interesting and went to pay for them.

While I was waiting to pay the guy, he went on a rant about how the internet has “destroyed” the comic business. Then, he just took his comics I had placed on the counter, and put them on the shelf behind him and told me to try somewhere else.

Now, I didn’t say a single bad thing, I didn’t even get upset at his bashing me. I said I’d go somewhere else, and he hit a parting shot on my way out the door by saying: “My shop is for fans, not fanboys.”

So…obviously I’m not going back there again. My questions are:

1. Are most comic shop owners so clique-ish when it comes to their product? It seems to me that he’d want a sale, especially the amount that I had there. It only around $100…not a lot of money I know, but I felt like it was enough for someone who’s trying to get back into comics.

Not all shop owners are like this. Heck most owners are quite good with costumers and the like. Most of them like to help out. Especially new readers. This is one of those odd cases. You know you can find them. I know a shop near me like this. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about it but never went there

I’ve never heard of anything like this in real life. So the answer is no…this is not normal behavior. Sorry you had to deal with that. You handled it a lot better than I did, I’d have torn that guy a new one if it had been me…

2. Is there a “newbie friendly” spot online or somewhere I can go, so I can catch myself up on everything related to comics so I won’t seem like such a “poser”. Thanks and have a good one.

Other then here? Hey we’re good at helping out around here with catching people up. It’s why this article and the Who’ Who are posted. There’s online sites with bios of the characters like Marvel itself. Also some even have issue synopsis like: Uncanny.net. I can help you find more sites like this of course

Please note: I’ve also sent a copy of this to the Who’s Who in the DCU column. So if you don’t want to answer this, I’ll completely understand. I just thought I’d see what your comments were as well as theirs.

The main thing I can say is don’t let this one bad experience get you down. Sure it was a bit extreme, but there are a lot of good shops out there, and for the most part our industry is usually very inclusive.

Cory emails

Sup guys, hope all is well. Cory’s here with my weekly installment, so away I go: SPIDER-MAN 3:

1. I liked it! But as a die-hard fan of Spidey & comics, where was his “Spider sense”? I know that it’s null & void with Venom, but when the “Goblin” first attacked him….what he coudn’t sense him coming.

I liked it as well and did question the same thing as well. I can say for all they did in the movie it worked

Yeah, I can’t recall ever seeing his spidey sense in this movie at all.

-STAN LEE IS A GOD. Since I saw it late Thursday night, when he cameod people applauded, and his “Nuff Said” was classical.

I loved that line

– I don’t understand why all the critisim for this movie. Can you fellas explain any gripes you all had in the movie? “It’s too long”–When X-3 was released at under 2 hrs, it was crucified by most fans. “Too many villians & not enough action”–Now if there are more than 1 villain, doesn’t that equal more action. “Too much of a love story”–Hardcore fans know that Pete has probably the worst women problems since Daredevil & Wolverine. (Aunt may dying alot, Mary or Gwen, Gwen’s death, his mother’s death).

I didn’t think it was to long (heck I would’ve liked longer) There where a lot of villains but worked out right in the end. I complained a bit of Pete being a bit of a cry baby at times in there. They didn’t need that even with all of Pete’s problems he’s not been a cry baby.

I had a couple problems with the movie (nothing like X3, but I definitely think it’s the weakest of the trilogy). I don’t want to give too much away, but my issues were basically thus: The multiple cheese-fest scenes that were WAY too over the top. The complete uselessness of Gwen (she would have been more useful in the second movie). The absolutely horrible Deus Ex Machina character of Harry’s Butler (I think I actually snarled at the screen during that scene). Pete’s tag team partner in the final fight…I honestly thought Sandman should have been the one to turn and team up with Spidey (especially since Sandman has been an Avenger before).

-Venom looked AMAZING! He can’t be dead. It’s Venom. But in terms of an ending I would have had Eddie Brock in a holding cell with a criminal named C.Kasady, alittle symbiote transfer…and “Nuff Said”. Spidey 4.

I would’ve liked the jail ending more myself. I would love Carnage to be in the next one. I loved Eddie and Venom myself. Likely one of the best characters in the movie

– Peter dancing! Lol. Amazing. Bruce Campbell delivers again.

I thought the dancing scenes where fun. You knew him and Gwen had to get some connections. I loved Bruce as always

Bruce and Venom were definitely the highlights of the movie (but of course also the shortest parts of the movie). And the dancing…see above about the cheese-fest scenes. And no I didn’t like the dancing…at all.

2. HONEST OPINION: Not being biased as a comic fan, but will there ever be a PERFECT comic book movie?

I think Spidey 2 actually was better in reality. Don’t ask me why I just liked it more

Did you see Batman Begins…that is the definition of a perfect comic movie.

3. DC/Marvel counterparts:
Batman/Moon Knight
Zatanna/Scarlet Witch
Green Arrow/Hawkeye
Martian Manhunter/Vision
Dr. Fate/Dr.Strange
That’s all I can think of for now!

Not bad. Thanks Cor

4. Any idea on what former New Warrior will be returning to star in Volume 4 of the new series? Firestar is heavily favored, anyone else?

Night Thrasher

Someone is gift-wrapping super-villains for the police, defacing Superhuman Registration posters, and raising eyebrows from City Hall to Tony Stark’s war chamber. And the only clue to their identity? Two spray-painted letters: N.W. Are the New Warriors really back? As the NYPD Costumed Division inches closer and closer to the truth and Stark unveils his master plan for dealing with these juvenile upstarts, the ex-mutant formerly known as Wind Dancer actually makes contact. Up from the grave: Night Thrasher!

5. Relating to number 4, what about the new Night Thrasher?

Funny I just said that one. I hope it’s a new guy really. I don’t want the dead one to come back.

6. I was reading about a former villian called “Graviton”, what happened to him? He has major potential to me a evil force in the MU, why wasn’t he pushed by the writers? He seems to have a power to rival Magneto’s.

Franklin Hall was a scientist working at a private physics research center in the Canadian Rockies on a practical teleportation device. During an experiment, Hal overloaded the power causing an explosion that intermingled his molecules with the sub-nuclear graviton particles that were being generated in a nearby series of companion particle accelerators. Recovering from the accident, Hall discovered that he could mentally control gravity. A man of great ambition, he designed a costume, called himself Graviton, and took over the research center, lifting it several thousands of feet into the sky. Alerted to this threat, the Avengers tried to rescue the research center. In the fury of the battle, Graviton unleashed sufficient power to cause the matter of the sky-borne laboratory to collapse inward around him. The matter of the research center was infused with the atoms of his body for a time, giving his new 60-foot form a massive gravitational field. Eventually he as able to separate his organic atoms from the land mass he had merged with.

Graviton attempted to find a female companion by taking a New York department store hostage and levitating it above the skyscrapers. This caught the attention of Thor and during the battle, Graviton was exiled in a dimensional void by Thor. For months he drifted in a state of suspended animation until a sudden influx of energy released a bizarre construct passing through the void at the time, which would soon become the creation of the mysterious Beyonder. Graviton’s consciousness was restored and he was able to home in on the charging field used by the criminal Blank and returned to Earth.

Setting up a base of operations in Los Angeles, Graviton attempted to unite all of the criminal mobs under his leadership, but was thwarted in the attempt by the newly-formed West Coast Avengers. Almost immediately afterward, Hall escaped from custody and formed a group of villains based on the four ‘Fundamental Forces’ with the villains Halflife, Quantum, and Zzzax. Although he temporarily defeated the West Coast Avengers once more, he was eventually thwarted when the Avenger Tigra turned the villains against each other, and Hall’s floating island shot into the atmosphere.
Hall again returned to battle the Avengers in revenge, but during the battle the Vision merged his intangible android body with Hall’s, then increased his density, causing Hall’s density to collapse in on itself. Hall was thus shunted from reality, finding himself in another dimension. The natives of the dimension, which Hall named the P’Tah, hailed his arrival as one of a god’s, and Hall used this to his advantage, although their limited intelligence soon left frustrated. Using his scientific abilities, he constructed a beacon so that someone might find and rescue him.

After many months, Hall’s signal was noticed by the robotic Techno, who at the time was working with the Baron Zemo. At Zemo’s direction, Techno reconfigured a robotic version of the Hulk, and Zemo set the robot Hulk against his former lackeys, now the hero team Thunderbolts, who fought the Hulk-bot. The battle allowed the robot to siphon and store enough energy to breach the dimensional barriers and release Hall. Not caring about the particulars of his rescue, Hall lashed out at the Thunderbolts and the Great Lakes Avengers (then, the Lightning Rods) who were on the scene. He was about to kill them all when the Thunderbolt Moonstone convinced Hall that his power and ambition meant nothing if he had no goals. Losing face, Hall left the scene to think about this fact.
Hall soon returned, commanding a large mass of floating land and declaring himself ruler of a new nation, Sky Island. He recruited his subjects, dubbed Sky Raiders, and a harem in return for granting them the power to defy gravity, and they began to loot and pillage San Francisco, California. He was again opposed by the Thunderbolts with their erstwhile ally, Archangel, and he summarily defeated them all. They were freed by the Thunderbolt Jolt, who borrowed technology derived from Machine Man, whose flight capabilities were powered by “canceling out the gravity equation.” Now unaffected by Hall’s power, the Thunderbolts escaped and continued to battle, ultimately canceling out Hall’s access to his power. When Hall regained his power, the gravitational force rushed inward, collapsing inward on himself once again, and Hall was shunted to another dimension like before.

There, Hall was rescued by a mysterious stranger, a representative of the P’tah known as M’Reel, and both came to Earth. M’Reel encouraged Hall to begin discovering his true calling, and Hall recruited Moonstone of the Thunderbolts for help, still spurred by her accusations of thinking too small. Moonstone helped Hall to further refine his godlike power and fueled his ego, thinking that by so doing, she would be better able to manipulate him for her own ends. Instead, Hall embarked on an ambitious plan to capture every major world city, hold the world’s heroes captive, and literally reshape the planet in his own image.

Also bent on revenge, Hall confronted the headquarters of the Thunderbolts, although the team at this time had disbanded and been replaced by the Redeemers. The Redeemers opposed Hall and were killed, except for the Fixer, who joined Moonstone alongside Hall, and Citizen V, who recruited the remaining Thunderbolts to confront Hall. Through a mixture of surprise tactics and negotiation, all of the Thunderbolts managed to fight Hall to a standstill, and Hall sustained fatal injuries as a result. At this time, Fixer discovered M’Reel was surreptitiously using Hall’s ambient energies, funneling them in order to open a portal to the P’Tah’s dimension. M’Reel succeeded in opening the portal, revealing this to be his motives in helping Hall. The Thunderbolts fought back the P’Tah invasion, but it took Hall’s dying effort to cause the portal to implode, sending himself and the P’Tah back. At the same time, Hall attempted to save the Thunderbolts from a similar fate, using his powers to send them to the planet known as Counter-Earth. Hall was presumed dead, unable to survive his injuries and the dimensional fold.

However, Graviton was later seen among those villains incarcerated in the Raft and was attempting an escape during the mass breakout engineered by Electro. He was confronted by heroes who would become the new Avengers, but he easily put them all on the ropes until the arrival of Iron Man. Iron Man got the drop on Graviton by flying in at an extreme speed and fired a new heat beam from his chestplate at the villain, nearly killing him if not for Captain America’s order to stand down. During this battle, Graviton exhibited a new scar on his shaved head, and he behaved erratically and irrationally, often babbling. Perhaps there is more to his recent appearance that has yet to be revealed.

7. Worse hair than Sanjaya? Hmmm how about Strong Guy’s curl? Ha.

Hehe that works

8. Now everyone has their own reasons for a top 10 fave characters. But J, why Rogue, Ultron, and Sue Storm? D, why Angel, Havok (one of the most underrated ever in comicdom), and She-Hulk? Kudos on both picking Dr. Strange.

Rogue: Well she’s my favorite female character over all. I just have always found her interesting
Sue: She’s moved to #2 in the female ranks with the movie and more. She’s one of the most powerful women in Marvel also
Ultron: I sort of like what they are doing with Ultron right now in Mighty Avengers.

Angel has always been one of my favorite characters. Same with Havok (and the like you said the fact that he’s one of the most underrated characters in comicdom is part of the reason why I like him so much.) And She-Hulk…have you read her comic? She-Hulk rocks!

9. Who’s hotter? Emma, She-Hulk or Jean? Emma’s too slutty & coniving, Jean’s a lil too humble, She-Hulk wins for me cuz she can go green or caucasian. Ask Captain Kirk what’s better than a green chick. Psylocke’s always been more to my liking though.

She-Hulk is the hottest of those 3. Always has been (even though she’s becoming more slutty).

So did we all just agree on that? *Shudders*

10. Any idea yet on how/why the Punisher tried to kill Cap back in ’92?

This one still has me. I have questions if it happened and it not being a wiki mistake

11. In the 2nd installment, I really like the fact that the heroes could have a lil fun after all of what has happened recently (House of M, Decimation, Avengers: Disassembled, Civil War, Cap’s death). I loved the squabble with Wolvie/Spidey. It just shows how Cap’s death impacted them, especially Spidey. Though he looked up to Cap like a legend/hero/father figure, what has the relationship between them been like through the years?

I guess you mean Fallen Son. Spidey saw Cap as a legend and hero as you said most of his life. He grew up reading Cap in comics some even. He always respected Cap

12. If given the chance: With all the villains, media, threats to family, lovers, health, and secret identities, would you guys, if given the chance, be a Marvel Universe hero?

I’d love to be a hero but I don’t think I would’ve ever registered. I just don’t trust it. I know there’s a lot to worry about but still would do it.

Who wouldn’t…either that or be a villain right?

13. What was the initial difference between Moon Knight’s 1st & 2nd series compared to the recent one?

Not as violent. This series is more violent then both the last few series. Moon Knight is ruthless and dangerous now.

14. About old Juggy, generally speaking what’s his power level now, since depowerment? And what was it exactly before?

In his peak, the Juggernaut possesses vast strength sufficient to lift (press) far over 100 tons. However, his strength in his current weakened state has been likened to roughly the same as the X-Man Colossus.

Known Powers: Juggernaut possesses tremendous physical power granted to him by Cytorrak. The Crimson Ruby of Cyttorak has bonded to his soul and altered his being, giving him powers exceeding most of ‘Homo Superior’, though the ruby is still the root of his power, not genetic evolution.

Invulnerability: Originally, the Juggernaut’s body was completely invulnerable to physical injury. His skin could not be broken and he was incapable of feeling pain or sustaining any form of injury from any conventional physical attack, regardless of the amount of force or energy that exerted against him. The Juggernaut was also functionally immortal. His aging process had been completely halted. The Juggernaut was immune to all toxins, poisons, gases, and diseases. He was self-contained by his magic and required no food, water, or air to breathe.

However, since losing much of his power, the Juggernaut, while still highly durable, can now sustain injury. Additionally, he now requires food, water, and air in order to function. Originally, the Juggernaut was also completely resistant to all toxins, poisons, gases, and diseases and, he is now somewhat susceptible to toxins and diseases.

Force Field: The Juggernaut is capable of generating a personal force field around himself, extending to about 1 foot in diameter. He uses this force field to heighten his already impressive invulnerability. In his earliest appearances (Uncanny X-Men 12-13) he was able to use this force generating ability to hurl people and objects near him away from him, but though now it seems to only function defensively.

Superhuman Stamina: In his prime, the Juggernaut simply never tired and was capable of unlimited activity without stop. Since losing much of his power, the Juggernaut is now susceptible to fatigue, though he can still exert himself at peak capacity for several days

Superhuman Strength: The Juggernaut, at the height of his power, possessed vast physical strength rivaling those of such powerhouses as Thor, the Hulk, and Gladiator. Currently, he still possesses an extremely high level of superhuman strength, though he he is currently nowhere near his peak.

Unstoppable: Once he begins to advance in a certain direction, no obstacle or natural force on Earth has been observed to be able to halt his advance (other than gravity, since the Juggernaut cannot fly); apparently, only he can stop himself. Some obstacles (many tons of rocks, for example) or forces(such as plasma-discharge cannons)have slowed his pace considerably, but nothing purely physical has ever stopped his advance.

Known Abilities: Juggernaut was formerly able to summon and remove his mystic armor at will. He is also a talented hand to hand combatant, probably owing more to his superhuman prowess and frequent “hands on” experience with super-powered brawls than to any significant amount of training.

Limitations: Despite his tremendous physical power, the Juggernaut’s mind is vulnerable to telepathic attacks. However, the mystical material that his original armor and helmet are composed of, aside from being virtually indestructible, protected his mind completely from any telepathic assault. However, the Juggernaut no longer has access to the mystical armor and wears a similar style of armor composed of unstable molecules. However, the material of this helmet does not protect his mind from telepathy.

15. Top 10: Marvel Cartoons. X-men(90’s) Spidey cartoon (90’s) Spidey (00’s) F4 (90’s) X-men :evolution Avengers The Hulk Iron Man F4 (00’s) Spidey & Amazing friends.

Good ones.

New Top10: Top 10 fights you wanna see:

Nice new one as well.

I had a lot this week, but I will save the rest for next week. Thanks a mil, make mine Marvel, and See ya in 7.

Nice week of questions and you always give me good ones. Keep it up.

Yup, good stuff as always. See ya next week, Corey.

John emails

Hi Guys,

Hey John

Love the column. It helps me at times catching up with what has happened in the time from 99-05 when I had stopped reading comics.

Glad you like reading us. Keep reading and emailing.

Which brings me to my question. I came back into the fold in the midst of House of M. In The Day After, you see two depowered female mutants walking down the street, extremely pissed off. One takes a swipe at a guy, as if used to having claws, but to no effect. At the time, my assumption was this was the furry Morlock sisters Feral and Thornn.

That would be Feral and Thorn all right.

Well, who should I see in all their feline glory on the last page of the latest Wolverine but Feral and Thornn. Could you help me out? Was I mistaken about the two in The Day After? If so, who were they if not Feral and Thornn? Additionally, in The Day After there is a scene at Xavier’s with their big board of mutants and there is a picture of Thornn with the words depowered splashed over it.

Some of the scenes in Wolverine at the moment sort of have some odd elements with feral like characters and the like. This is where you see Feral and Thorn quite often. They are former ferals but still have links to feral like characters.

Has Marvel’s increasing disregard for continuity sunk to an all time low?

Sort of continuity goof and yet not one. Of course whatever is going on in Wolverine at the moment is about the lupine/feral characters I figure myself it‘s more then likely they somehow have their powers again because of this.

Well I wouldn’t say that is the reason, but for the past 6-years or so Marvel has completely disregarded their continuity. They seem to be trying to finally fix things, but I won’t give them any kudos till I’ve seen the finished project.

Thanks for the help.


Ratcat posted

Hey I have a question.

Where the heck is Rick Jones? There are so many things going on in the Marvel universe that affect the guy one way or another that you would think he would be predominantly featured someplace… You know little things like Cap’s death, Nomad’s death, Captain Marvel’s resurrection, Winter Soldier’s resurrection, Hulk’s departure and pending return.

Granted I haven’t been reading the Hulk (planning on picking up the Planet Hulk trade) so maybe I’ve missed him… Or maybe he died and I missed it… Ether way can you tell me what his status is? Or if you suspect he will make an appearance in the upcoming World War Hulk?

he‘s alive and well. In recent interviews regarding the event World War Hulk, it seems that Rick Jones may play a major role over the Hulk’s war with the secret group of heroes known as the Illuminati.

Top Ten

Marvel cartoons

1. X-Men (90s)
2. Ultimate Avengers movies
3. Iron Man cartoon movie
4. Spider-Man (90s)
5. Spider-Man (MTV)
6. Iron Man (90s)
7. Fantastic Four (90s)
8. Silver Surfer (90s)
9. Hulk (90s)
10. Avengers (90s)

Initiative update

Black Panther #27: The Four return home from space with Gravity. Thing decides to take a nap and is woken up by a crash. As the Four investigate Storm destroys a Herbie robot and finding the kids. Panther meets with the other members and finds out about the bug. Thing and Panther’s guards attack the bug as Johnny joins the fight. Neither able to stop him as Storm joins. Panther finds one of Reed’s inventions and gets a call from Hill about help. In Wakanda the people watch the vessal in the oceans. Back with the FF: Panther shows up with a big gun to take out the bug. After blasting it he uses the frogs of king solomon to teleport the FF and the bug to the Skrull world where the zombies show up.

Punisher War Journal #7: The Hate Monger tortures Punisher to put on his new uniform. Flashback we watch Punisher and Micro travel to where the trouble is. A cop meets with reporter about what’s going on. Frank goes to a bar where he finds out where the Hate Monger and crew are at and tries to join. The reporter finds a woman who contacted her dead and runs into Micro. Punisher passes an initiation to get into the Hate Monger’s group. Past: After Frank has on the uniform Hate Monger beats him up more and puts him in front of a firing squad.

New Avengers #30: Voodoo under Tony’s orders uses his powers to try to find the Secret Avengers in Strange’s house not having any luck because Strange’s powers where to much for him. Tony orders the Avengers (Mighty) to leave and goes inside to give Strange’s group a speech before leaving. The Secret Avengers talk over matters as Clint shows up and goes inside to find them waiting. They offer him a place on the group but Cage doesn’t like it at first until Strange uses a spell to make sure they where all on the same side. Clint is made the new Ronin. Back in Japan the Avengers are surrounded by the Hand and Echo attacks Strange as the fight starts. In the end it looks like the Avengers are defeated

Nova #2: Nova goes home to see his family and learns about what happened with the New Warriors and how it led to the Civil War. Nova goes outside to see Iron Man waiting. Nova goes with Tony and they have a talk about the SHRA and Annihilation collectively. We see Justice and Nova talk before Nova goes back home to think it over. As Richard rest the Worldmind takes over scaring Nova’s dad. Nova leaves and runs into Diamondback and they fight. After Nova defeats him he takes Diamondback to jail not getting anywhere really he leaves and runs into the waiting Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts #114: We watch the 3 heroes we’ve been following go about their lives as the Steel Spider spots the T-bolt’s jet flying above. Steel Spider runs into American Eagle thinking he called in the Thunderbolts on him at first before the Thunderbolts attack them both. We see the fight as Moonstone is injured by Steel Spider. Sepulcre shows up and finds herself one on one with Venom. Moonstone lays injured and calls them to bring out Bullseye. As the fight continues the heroes find themselves surrounded

Back in Black update

New Avengers #30: Voodoo under Tony’s orders uses his powers to try to find the Secret Avengers in Strange’s house not having any luck because Strange’s powers where to much for him. Tony orders the Avengers (Mighty) to leave and goes inside to give Strange’s group a speech before leaving. The Secret Avengers talk over matters as Clint shows up and goes inside to find them waiting. They offer him a place on the group but Cage doesn’t like it at first until Strange uses a spell to make sure they where all on the same side. Clint is made the new Ronin. Back in Japan the Avengers are surrounded by the Hand and Echo attacks Strange as the fight starts. In the end it looks like the Avengers are defeated

Amazing Spider-Man #540: MJ watches over May and talks with Pete over the phone telling him to find the man behind the attack. Spidey attacks one of the gunrunners to find out who the boss is. Spidey goes and checks a police car computer on the man before going to check his last location not getting anywhere. Spidey head to the subway where he finds the man who attacks Spidey and starts a fight until the gun man is shot by a mystery man. Spidey follows the injured gunman to the hospital where May is. MJ finds Pete and tells him May is dying. Pete finds out the man who killed the sniper is close and goes to confront him on the phone. Pete takes the phone and finds out the man on the phone is the Kingpin

Civil War Update

Ghost Rider 11: Ghost Rider and Jack begin their battle. The Sherrif confronts Cameron. GR finds himself stuck on Jack’s flying device which explodes and GR’s bike has to safe him from the fall. The Sherrif finishes the fight with the kis as Jack shows up ready for the kill and Ghost Rider stops but not before the place explodes. Ghost Rider and Jack fight with finally Ghost Rider winning. The Sherrif ask Johnny to leave town after.

Another big week and I had to hold an email for next week already. I really think we’re picking up again around here. Glad to see it to. What you think Daron?

Good stuff as always. And more emails is always a good thing.

I want this type of article again next week. Let‘s get more questions. I love large columns.

Don’t we all.

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

3. As always your opinions on anything in the article or out on the shelves is welcome. After all you never know what type of response you will get.

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