And the Releases Continue

Archive has just announced that they have released Ariel, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Nick Mitchell (the Spirit Squad’s Mitch).

Ariel had debuted in OVW where she was called Shelly and co-managed Aaron Stevens with Beth Phoenix. She went on to manage Pirate Paul Birchall dressed as a pirate’s wench and later managed Seth Skyfire.

She debuted in ECW as a tarot card reader named Ariel, and soon joined forces with Kevin Thorn.

Scotty Too Hotty had begun making waves in the WWF in late 1997 when he (As Scott “Too Hot” Taylor”) joined forces with “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher as Too Much. Later, they were repacked as Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty – Too Cool. They reached new heights of popularity when partnered with Rikishi. However, Taylor never regained his popularity after Too Cool’s alliance with Rikishi ended and Christopher was released.

Nick Mitchell made his debut as one of the competitors on the fourth Tough Enough. Although he did not win, he was sent to Deep South Wrestling for training. In January of 2006, while recovering from a knee injury, he was partnered with Johnny Jeter, Nick Nemeth, Mike Mondo, and Ken Doane and renamed Mitch. The five formed the Spirit Squad. The Squad suffered a humiliating end in November of 2006 as D-Generation X stuffed them into a trunk and slapped a sticker on it instructing it to be shipped back to OVW.

Also released was Angel Williams, who was on the Deep South roster and almost brought up a few times to be a valet for JBL and Gymini, but that never materialized.