You Can Make SoCal Val Get Beat Up By A Guy

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Seems like a Junk News headline, huh? It’s not.

For only $500.00 at you can write the script of your very own match featuring any of the beautiful women and one nondescript and not featured male appearing on the website. SoCal Val is featured in several videos already on the site, one of which has her getting beaten up by a guy named Jagged for half an hour. It ends with, and I quote, “Close Camera Gasping Choke to KO Finish.” You can download this masterpiece for only $25 and it’s yours forever.

Not satisfied with the way that guy beats up a defenseless girl? For $500 you can tell him exactly how to do it (so long as the script is under 300 words). For $600 you can have two women fight, and from there it gets a little pricey. I mean, $600 for half an hour of two women fighting is easily a bargain, but $900 for three women? And it’s still half an hour? I am insulted by being presented with the offer.

If you really need this in your life, please take my advice and hire two hookers to do battle for you while you film it. The quality will be roughly the same, if you know where to find them you’ll save a lot of money, you can take a hands on approach to the direction of the project and you’ll get to see bare boobs.

Also featured is the Absolute Destruction line in which most of the girls listed are beat up by the other 4 girls for half an hour. If this appeals to you and sounds like something you’d like to see, well, jeez buddy. Just buy a porno or something.