Edge/HBK/HHH Booking Conflict


The 21st May edition of the Wrestling Observer has plenty on the thought process behind Shawn Michaels pinning new World Heavyweight Champion Edge on Raw on the 14th May. Brian Gerwitz is being attributed with the decision, viewing it as Edge leaving a territory and putting someone over on the way out. Needless to say, that analogy does not hold up to the modern WWE and the brand extension.

Triple H supported the idea, which in effect made it a done deal. For several months now there has been some conflict backstage with Triple H wanting to feud with Edge after his return and Edge wanting to avoid it so that his main event status would not be diminished. The Hs blocked previous attempts to move Edge to Smackdown, only caving in when they thought Ken Kennedy was going to be out for several months. The goal from the time of HHH’s injury was for a DX vs Rated RKO match at SummerSlam, yet the Edge/Orton dynamic had of course since changed.

In the opinions of H, H and H, Michaels was the most tenured star on Raw, had already put Khali over, was in line for another Cena title shot on PPV shortly and so needed a big name win to be kept strong. Michaels suggested they simply do a schmozz ending with a Randy Orton run-in, since the key point was to establish Orton against Michaels for Judgement Day. He did not want to bury the Smackdown champion but was told that it was Vince McMahon’s decision and he was not for changing. Backstage, Edge was openly expressing his dissatisfaction and the more experienced wrestlers with booking experience were sympathetic to his case. He apparently told people that things like this were why he was glad to be on Smackdown, since it is perceived as the less political brand.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 21st May 2007 (click here for subscription information)