A Moment's All I Ask – 5.23.07

Last night’s American Idol was the last time America could vote to choose who their next winner was. Obviously, last year we got a real winner! (note my sarcasm) with Taylor Hicks! who never should have won in the first place, with his over-ranked “talent” for being “original,” and overbearing Soul Patrol crap. Katharine McPhee put out a crappy first record, but at least she’s nice to look at, does have talent and has a music video presence. Taylor is…wondering what’s happening to his career. This year’s final two had a lot to live up to obviously, everyone has said what a lackluster season this has been. Did Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks deliver the goods?

Round One:

We kick off the show with Blake singing once again, Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name.” Blake broke out of the box, having a blast and giving a good performance. The strength of his performance is the drummer on stage with him and his energy. This song isn’t meant to be a classic song based on vocals, it’s meant to be fun rock out song, now with the Blake spin. More on that later.

Jordin delivered on her promise to bring a more contemporary sound, something she is not known for. She made the perfect song choice in singing Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.” Jordin’s not going to run around on stage baring a sexy outfit, in boxing shorts or anything, but she can vocally be as good as Aguilera. Jordin’s only-ya know, but I hope she’s going to become a better performer because you can’t stand still during a song like that.

Round One In My View – Vocally: Jordin, Performance: Blake

Round Two:

Blake goes for the group he sounds the most like, Maroon Five, and sings “She Will Be Loved.” I like Maroon
Five to be Maroon Five, otherwise I’m bored. I don’t need to hear another Maroon Five guy in the making, really.

Jordin went for the inspirational country song, “Broken Wing,” which was one of her breakout performances of the season. Another strong vocal performance and proof that there is no way Blake can touch her vocally.

Round Two In My View – Vocally: Jordin, it wasn’t even a contest. Performance: Jordin because there’s nothing more boring than watching Blake trying to be sexy.

Round Three:

In theory, the American Idol Songwriting Contest, should be a way for the producers to find a great unknown songwriter in America. However, the producers did what you can expect them to do by now, pick a song that is hokey, self-serving about American Idol and remarkably a lot like “Do I Make You Proud.” This song put Blake at a disadvantage and actually this is the main reason why he should lose Idol: he can’t even fake his way through a song that is about being in YOUR moment. Blake sucked the life out of this song, and it’s not even a good song.

However, Jordin Sparks proved why she should win, she made the audience believe that she understood what this song meant to her and the contestants in the competition. This was her moment and her moment is “now.”

Round Three – Completely Jordin vocally and as a performer.

My Idol – Jordin Sparks, by leaps,bounds and wiping the floor sparkly clean with Blake Lewis. Blake will sell records and hopefully he will get executive produce a record, but hopefully he will not be what he’s known for and that’s completely oblivious to the criticism of his peers. Blake is a artist and I want to hear his work, but he should be open to learning and not remix every song that he touches. Blake also should take a note from The Real Uncrowned Champion, Melinda Dolittle, and attempt to feel and interpret the song emotionally, when appropriate. Jordin has a chance at solid Kelly Clarkson-like career and real Christina Aguilera like staying power if she keeps her head on her shoulders (not pull a Britney with multiple falls from grace) and picks songs that suite her incredible voice.

Results Show / Season Finale Update: Well the sound was off all night, but thank God the SINGER won American Idol. It was definitely more of Kelly Clarkson than I expected but I’m not complaining. I have to admit, I was excited to see Bette Midler perform. It’s ironic because I was just talking about “Wind Beneath My Wings” to friends this weekend. Strangely, no Katharine McPhee tonight and no major star closing. That’s okay though because Sparks is a star in the making.

YouTube/MySpace Video of the Week #2:

I saw this video premiere in Raleigh, NC at the L Club over the weekend – a really hot and talented, independent rock band called MorrisonPoe covering “Love Is A Battlefield” (the MySpace PG version).

Thanks for reading, make your moment your breakthrough.