More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – The Horizon?


Guess who got his “Summer Music Preview” issue of Entertainment Weekly on Saturday? That’s right, yours truly. And I’ll be honest; it got me kind of excited for some music that’s just around the corner. Here’s the stuff that interested me and the odds that by the end of the summer I’ll have copped it.

Interpol Our Love to Admire – This album is supposed to be released on 7/10 and EW claims it’s their major label debut and I swore Antics was on a major label. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter because I’m so going to be there for this. I’ve loved their previous two albums, I’ve got no reason to abandon them now.

CHANCE – 100%

Queens of the Stone Age Era Vulgaris – I’m not going to lie, their last offering wasn’t my favorite. Perhaps it was Nick’s departure, but I found the album lacking in some indefinable areas. Still, I’m curious what Julian Casablancas’ contribution will be, so count me in.

CHANCE – 100%

Ryan Adams Easy Tiger – I’m so there for this. If it wasn’t for the Bedhead compilations I’d have undergone Ryan withdrawal for ’06 after having three albums from him in ’05. I’m pretty much eagerly anticipating this album. In fact this might be the album that I’m looking forward to the most.

CHANCE – 100%

Beastie Boys The Mix-Up – My friend Jason is the mega Beastie Boys fan, but I give them their props. I’m very intrigued at the prospect of hearing them get their funk jam on, even more so after catching Awesome… on cable recently. That said I can’t guarantee that I’m going to jump all over this.

CHANCE – 50%

Common Finding Forever – I was one of the fools who actually believed that this album was going to drop last year. Be was an amazing album, one of those albums that you know an artist is capable of and you always hope that the “new” one will be that one. However given Common’s track record I’m pretty cautious about getting my hopes up too high.

CHANCE – 100%

Eve Here I Am – I don’t actually own an Eve album. But for some reason I’m looking forward to this album. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen her sitcom. Or perhaps it’s because I’ve only seen her act in The Woodsman, so my opinion of her isn’t tainted. But I might actually pick this joint up. Maybe.

CHANCE – 10%

Talib Kweli Eardrum – I’m hardly Talib’s biggest fan. I didn’t get his most recent mixtape/album. But I did pick up Liberation and that thing is sick! Talib actually has a flow and it doesn’t sound like he’s trying to cram as many words into a bar as he possibly can. I’m hoping that Talib can keep that magic together. But at the very least I’m sure Jean Grae will have an appearance on the album.

CHANCE – 75%

White Stripes Icky Thump – I’m a fan of the Stripes. I like the first single. I dig Jack as an artist. I’m certainly going to pick this album up.

CHANCE – 100%

And there you have it. Perhaps I’ll revisit this list after I’ve copped the albums and I’ll share my thoughts on them.