Another Live-Action He-Man Film?

Credit: Variety

There has been a lot of talk of bringing the famed eighties cartoon series and toy line He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe to theatres for a long time now. Well, the talks have started up again and it seems as if there is more solid evidence of it really happening this time.

Toy giant Mattel is working with Warner Bros. pictures and Joel Silver to turn the Eternia-born hero into a live-action film. Joel Silver will produce the film and Justin Marks is set to write the script. The deal all hinges on Mattel approving the outline and setup for the film.

This wouldn’t be the first attempt at bringing the cartoon strong man to life. In 1987, Dolph Lundgren starred as He-Man in Masters Of The Universe which also starred Courtney Cox and Frank Langella. The film took the evil forces of Skeletor and brought them to the present day Earth. He-Man and his friends traveled to Earth to help and stop evil from ruling over all. The film was not received well by critics or fans alike.

The new version has been presented to Warner Bros. and Mattel as a classic battle of good vs. evil and possibly using the same type of visual effects from the film 300. A legendary warrior, He-Man, is seen as the last hope of the far away land known as Eternia. His home is being torn apart and ravaged by technology and a skull-faced tyrant named Skeletor.

Many of the characters in the film will be taken from the four different cartoon series spawned about them since the eighties. Despite rumors on the internet, no roles have been cast yet.

If all goes through as planned, the film could possibly hit theatres in 2008/2009. Stay tuned here for more as we get it.