Notes on Helms, Nitro, Dykstra, TNA, Cena & More


Lance Storm has written his latest commentary, which includes a Hurri-Shane update:

When he told me he was having surgery on Monday I told him I’d call him Tuesday or Wednesday to check up on him and plan to reach out as much as possible. For those of you, who are worried, let me assure you Hurricane does in fact have super powers and is doing quite well. He actually text messaged me a few hours after surgery. I was shocked. I expected him to be laid up for a few days but he was back on his phone the day of surgery.

He is in such good spirits he has already started ribbing me. Tuesday (the day after surgery), before I had called him, I get a text message from him asking me to call him and gave me his hospital room phone number. At first I was worried that something was wrong, so I called him back immediately, and guess what, the numbered he sent me was for a Gay Chat Line. I laughed so hard, and text messaged him back, this message, “You Bastard! I actually called that number.” To this he replied, “LOL Yah but how long did you chat.” Not to be out done, I returned his text with, “I’m actually still chatting, for some reason Christian answered the call.”

So for those of you are concerned, he certainly seems to be doing fine. Not 24 hours, after having neck fusion surgery he’s finding the time and motivation to rib his friends over the phone. I’m scared to death what the next year holds, because as he gets better and better he is going to have more and more time on his hands to rib and annoy me!!!

Go to for the full commentary and here for another one on “full circle moments.”

In other news:

– Jim Ross has posted a new “Superstar of the Week” for May 21, giving the honor to Bobby Lashley. He also talks about the latest RAW, including this comment:

I felt like The Hardys vs. Cade/Murdoch match at Judgment Day was as good as any match of the night from where I was sitting. I am encouraged by the upside of all four of the participants in that tag match. Same goes for Monday night as once again The Hardys rocked and had a good match with Kenny Dykstra and Johnny Nitro, who both apparently just returned from the Witness Protection Program with Henry Hill and the Gravano Family. Dykstra, who never played for the New York Mets, and Nitro, if that is his real name, are keepers, and once they make their own “break” they each can be wrestling regularly in main events and “printing money”.

– David Sahadi’s latest “Spirit of Wrestling” column is here.

– Ask with Bill Banks has been updated.

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– Finally, the latest “Diva Dish” talks about bikinis! Here’s a photo from

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