The Real World: Las Vegas Reunion Week – Monday – Josh Clinton Interviews Alton Williams

Josh Clinton: Hey Alton.

Alton Williams: Hey Josh. How you doing?

JC: Alright. How are you?

AW: Doing really good. I have a quick question first.

JC: Okay.

AW: What exactly is Inside Pulse?

JC: Inside Pulse is a pop-culture website where various writers publish original articles in different areas like “reality” TV, “scripted” TV, movies, video games, music, etc.

AW: Okay, cool. I like to know what’s going on online.

JC: Cool. So why did you decide to come back for this reunion show?

AW: I just thought it would be a great opportunity to visit old friends, see the Palms Hotel and Casino and all of the new stuff in it, and live in The Real World suite again. I don’t know, I just thought it would be cool.

JC: Right. We’ve seen you on TV with the RW/RR Challenges more times than everyone else from the Las Vegas cast. Obviously, you enjoy doing them?

AW: Yeah, I really competing and hanging out with old friends. We also get to travel all around with these shows. So you can go compete, travel, and have fun as well.

JC: Did you like your original Real World experience more than the Challenges?

AW: Well The Real World experience was definitely the most influential. That was where I had to get used to the cameras and all of that. But after I got used to that and knew what it was all about I have to say that the Challenges are more fun than The Real World. You get to do something every day than just hang out. You get to compete, make friends, etc. I really enjoy the Challenges. It’s right up my alley. When they picked me to be on The Real World: Las Vegas, they gave me the choice of that or Road Rules. Knowing what I know now I definitely would have chosen Road Rules to travel around and stuff. But I’m glad that I did The Real World and I loved the experience I had on it.

JC: Cool. Do you have like a favorite Challenge that you have been on so far?

AW: I like them all really. They are all so different. They are in different places and there is always different people on them, so that makes it interesting. My favorite might be the first one I was on, The Gauntlet, in Colorado. I was with my girlfriend on that one and it was a lot of fun.

JC: How long has it been since you and Irulan broke up?

AW: It’s almost exactly two years.

JC: Have you talked to her since then?

AW: Yeah, we’re still good friends and talk all of the time.

JC: Do you have a current girlfriend now?

AW: Yeah, I have a new girl.

JC: Well how does she feel about you going back on this show and living with your ex-girlfriend?

AW: Of course, when they offered this show to me I talked with her about it before I did it. It’s weird for her, but it was good for me. But she trusts me and loves me, so it’s all good.

JC: Since you have had an on-screen romance. How easy is it to transition from an on-screen relationship to one that is away from all of the cameras?

AW: If it’s a real relationship and a real connection that you have with a person, it really wouldn’t matter where you meet. Like the situation with me and Irulan. I think the only difference is that there were so many other people involved in our relationship, because we were on The Real World. People on the street watched us have our first kiss and all of that. So there were more people watching us. Overall, I’ve had lots of girlfriends but that was a new experience having a relationship on TV. It was definitely interesting, but it can work out.

JC: Yeah. Now that everyone is five years older now, do you think there will be more or less drama this time around?

AW: I don’t know. I guess I look at things differently. I don’t really get involved in all of the drama. Some people don’t change, though, and are prone to causing drama. I don’t think there was more or less drama this time, though. Some people just overreact to things more than they should. But overall I don’t think anyone really takes anything too serious on these shows. It’s just dramatic in that one moment on TV and that’s it.

JC: Yeah. Have you made any lasting friendships away from MTV doing these shows?

AW: Oh yeah. I don’t get to talk to a lot of my friends from high school and college now, because I’m an adult and busy. But doing these shows we all build relationships, and when we see each other it’s always a good time. Whenever I see Steve or Frank or any of the Challenge members it’s a fun time.

JC: So is there anyone that you don’t like or just can’t get along with?

AW: There are certain people who I wouldn’t hang out with, because they are on another level than me. I would have to think about it, but there are certain people who I wouldn’t gravitate towards. Overall, I think we all respect each other. There is no one that I hate enough to slander or anything like that.

JC: Right. So what can we look forward to seeing on this reunion show?

AW: I think you can look forward to seeing the same people, but just a little older and wiser. We’re a little different now. We have real lives now and know what life is about as opposed to being young and not knowing a thing. So I think you can look forward to a lot of fun and seeing some exciting additions to the Palms.

JC: Cool. Do you plan to still compete in future Challenges after this one is over and after this reunion show?

AW: I don’t know. It depends on where they go. If the next one is in Thailand, I think I’m in. But if it’s in Texas, I don’t think so. It also all depends on my schedule. I relly look at these Challenges as a vacation. I don’t look at it as a reality TV show. I look at it as going on vacation with your friends where they pay you to go. It’s a blast.

JC: Very nice. After your MTV reality career is over, what do you want to do with your life?

AW: I’m already living my life. I have a business and I’m a writer. I’ve written a book and currently writing a second one. I have my hands in a lot of things. I have a online entertainment network kinda like what you are doing. We write original content and stuff. I keep really busy in Los Angeles, so whenever I get the chance to go to Africa or Trinidad or Las Vegas or wherever they send me, it’s definitely a welcome vacation.

JC: Very cool. Well that’s all I have for you. Thanks for your time and good luck with everything.

AW: Yeah, you too. Good luck with this interview and everything.

JC: Thanks.

Coming up tomorrow on “The Real World: Las Vegas Reunion Week” is my exclusive interview with Steven Hill. Stay tuned…

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