More On Ariel, Hardys, Khali


Contrary to internet speculation, Dave Meltzer reports that Shelly “Ariel” Martinez was not released due to her backstage argument with Batista. The reason behind the release is simply that Vince did not like her look. He is into women with a ‘traditional’ model look and never understood her goth character, which was pushed for by Paul Heyman. The departure of Heyman and the recent promotion for Stephanie meant re-evaluating many marginal people and so she was cut. The incident with Batista was along the lines of him being the star quarterback in the backstage high school that is the WWE locker-room, getting lots of women and being rather outspoken about them. Martinez retaliated so some such comments made by Batista, which did nothing to help her case as she was so much further down the totem poll than he is.

Also, Matt Hardy is still being pushed as a singles star on Smackdown whilst getting a push as a tag team champion on Raw because Vince McMahon is still not convinced that the Hardys should remain together as a team for the long-term. Bear in mind that his indecision over the Hardys started back in November. It has become something of a running joke among the writing team.

More on this story about Dave Kapoor becoming Khali’s manager. The agents find him useful as he speaks Punjab and Hindi, while Khali barely knows a word of English, so they can communicate with him now. They were negative about Daivari as Khali’s former manager as they thought he yelled too much and was not cowardly enough.

Apparently, at the Topeka house show on the 21st May, Tony Chimmel laid out Finlay and Hornswoggle with Stunners.

Lou D’Angeli, a.k.a. Sign Guy Dudley, has been hired full-time by the WWE marketing department. He had worked in live events promotion and organisation.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 28th May 2007 (click here for subscription information)