Edge, RVD, WWE TV Ratings Troubles


The Wrestling Observer is reporting WWE is disappointed in the buyrate for Backlash. It is almost certainly up on last year’s event but lower than they were hoping for given that it was the first of the regular three-brand cards.

Edge has been told that he will be getting a lengthy reign as champion for the first time in his career. The company feels he is now strong enough to carry a show.

Expect Melina vs Candice Michelle to be added to the One Night Stand card. Original plans also had Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton, with Orton ‘killing’ another ‘legend’ in RVD’s last match. However, Vince was furious that news leaked about RVD leaving after the PPV. Now he might well win at One Night Stand and then do a job in his last match a week or two later, simply to surprise the ‘smart’ fans.

WWE’s TV ratings have been causing some concern lately. Meltzer says that a USA Network representative, probably Bonnie Hammer, spoke to the McMahons about the steady 3.6 ratings and that they should bring in another celebrity after the ratings rose when Kevin Federline and Donald Trump appeared. The McMahons are also frustrated about the 11th May Smackdown rating, since they thought plugging Edge’s title win on ECW and WWE.com would get more people to tune in. However, closer inspection reveals that although the show started out with a below-average number of viewers, it actually peaked higher than usual and showed greater growth too.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 28th May 2007 (click here for subscription information)