Make Movement: Two WWE Events This Weekend, Who Will Be Watching?


WWE is usually good about promotioning but they have really fallen short in promoting this Saturday’s Saturday Night Main Event and even, this Sunday’s One Night Stand. Maybe McMahon has no ratings expectations for this Saturday to give it virtually little build up, but they could have done a better job announcing the card, instead of treating it like just another hour of WWE programming.

RAW was passable, despite more of the same stupid fake injury/fake concussion ending with RVD and Randy Orton, it was a good match with good action and scattered “TNA” chants. Another good match was the eight-man tag, The Hardy Boys, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Johnny Nitro & Kenny Dykstra. Have to give props for Murdoch’s flying splash on the outside, that was a surprise. It was interesting how JR and Lawler didn’t put any focus on Murdoch’s facial expressions when the Hardys granted The World’s Greatest Tag Team a Ladder Match for their tag team titles this Sunday.

The women’s water battle royal was only memorable because of the double-arm clothesline by Michelle McCool (who needs to get drafted to RAW) and the fact Victoria wasn’t apart of the festivities. Victoria was involved later in the night as Carlito’s partner in a mixed tag team match against Carlito and Torrie Wilson (who is more qualified to be in the water battle royal fiasco) and Ric Flair. Victoria got the nice spot of slapping Flair twice and being put in the Figure Four for a hot second.

You can only see so many three on two, three on one matches where it just is pointless to keep putting them on the air. I think WWE has put too many of them on in the last three months, that when it is finally McMahon versus Lashley in a Street Fight that it doesn’t matter as much as “it should.” Cena got the mixed reaction strongly in Canada, and that will probably continue this Sunday. I like his passionate promos for what they are, and my guess is he will lose the belt this Sunday.

The draft will help next month, and hopefully shake things up a bit in all divisions and brands. And since WWE was in Toronto last night, a good time to say that I miss Trish Stratus.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at