The Real World: Las Vegas Reunion Week – Wednesday – Josh Clinton Interviews Trishelle Cannatella

Josh Clinton: Hey Trishelle.

Trishelle Cannatella: Hi Josh, how are you?

JC: I’m good, how are you?

TC: I’m great.

JC: So you have been very busy with movies and stuff lately?

TC: Yeah, I’ve been very busy. I’ve been doing a lot of filming. It’s fun. I’m actually in New York City right now filming some stuff, so it’s good.

JC: Cool. I write for a website called Inside Pulse. Katie Doyle used to write for a few years ago.

TC: **laughing** Ah yes, my old roommate Katie Doyle.

JC: You and her are still really good friends?

TC: Yes, of course.

JC: Cool, so why did you decide to come back and do this reunion show?

TC: I guess just curiousity of what everyone has been doing and what it would be like sorta got to me. I didn’t want to do it at first, but Steven and Frank talked me into it and it was a good decision.

JC: You’ve been on a few reality TV shows now, do you have a favorite one that you have been on or one that was the most fun to be on?

TC: I think my favorite one to be on is a tie between Fear Factor, because I won and it was very physical and I did things that I thought that I would never be able to do, and the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet that I was on. It was really fun. It was in Telluride, Colorado and that’s such a beautiful place. We also had a lot of down time to go hiking and biking. That’s where I had my mountain biking accident where I got two black eyes, so that wasn’t good but it was still a fun time.

JC: Right. So overall has your reality TV experience been a positive one for you?

TC: Yeah, kind of. It depends. Growing up on television is a little difficult, but you make the best of it. But yeah, this experience is definitely a positive one. I can’t wait to watch it. I might be eating my words in a couple of weeks, though. **laughing**

JC: **laughing** Yeah, I guess we will find out soon enough. Tell me exactly what was your relationship with Jonny Fairplay from Survivor?

TC: We were friends and he dated one of my friends. But he’s just a very strange, strange person. We’re not friends anymore. He’s a complusive liar and it’s difficult to be friends with someone so crazy. Really Jonny was a fun person to go out and party with, but you could never really sit down and have a normal conversation with the guy.

JC: I understand that. So you and Steven are still really good friends?

TC: I am still really good friends with him. It’s funny that people are actually shocked by that. We had a good run on the show and we tried to have a relationship after he was divorced, but it didn’t end up working out. But ultimately we became really good friends. I’m glad. I would not take back one single thing that happened between him and I.

JC: Cool, so is there anything that you regret from the original season of the show that you wish you could have changed or not have done?

TC: Um, I wouldn’t say I regret anything, because it’s all a learning experience. You watch things and learn from your mistakes. But I feel like I was very open, one of the most open people from our cast. Whenever we were doing our interviews for the show, a lot of people would hide things from the cameras. Things that we had done, but I laid it all out there because I thought it would hurt me more to hide certain things. That sorta backfired on me, because people who hide stuff ended up looking better than they actually were.

JC: Right. Since you are busy with other projects now, are you as wild on this reunion show as the original season?

TC: Um, no. **laughing** They would literally not like me and take the cameras off of me several times. I got offended, because I thought that I might have been boring. I mean I like to have fun and I think I’m a really fun person. But as far as getting wild and crazy and kissing girls in hot tubs this time, that’s not going to happen.

JC: So no making out with Brynn this time then?

TC: No, she’s married. It’s funny, because everytime I see her with her kids, I remind her that she was a go-go dancer. And now she had kids. That’s funny to me.

JC: Yeah, I can see that. I talked to Arissa the other day and it seems like she has the most tension in the house with the other roommates going into this reunion show.

TC: Yes, she had a lot of drama. She’s just a very private person and hides a lot of stuff. On our first night back we were all at dinner, and she asked me where I lived and I basically told her my address and what I have been doing, etc. But when I asked her where she lived, she just smiled and said nothing. It’s the strangest thing, because she hides so much and I can only think that it’s because she is not proud of everything or she is doing something wrong. I don’t know, but we had to deal with her not being easy to talk to.

JC: After you finished filming this reunion show, do you still have problems with any of your roommates?

TC: A couple of them. I mean I never really gotten along with Alton, so that’s a touchy issue and he did something that really upset me. And then Arissa has issues with everyone in the house.

JC: Why didn’t you get along with Alton?

TC: You couldn’t put two people more opposite inside of a house together. We’re just complete opposites. We just never saw eye-to-eye on anything. And we’re both comfortable with the fact that we are not friends. You can’t force it, I’m not a fake person. I can’t pretend to be friends with someone when I’m not.

JC: Right. So you said earlier that you enjoy doing the RW/RR Challenges?

TC: Well I liked one of them. I’m not going to ever do another one. But The Gauntlet I liked, because I had some friends on it with me like Katie. She was hilarious the entire time. She’s the funniest girl as you know. But that one was a good time.

JC: Yes, Katie is quite funny. From being on those challenges, who can you not get along with or who can you not stand to be around?

TC: I sorta get along with everyone. I mean I can be civil with everyone. There are certain people that I would rather not be around, because they are too dramatic or just ridiculous and like to cause problems. Coral and I were infamous for fighting, but she’s grown up so much. She’s probably like 30 years old now. She actually called me out of the blue and apologized for hurting my feelings or being mean. That was really shocking, because I hadn’t talked to her in a year. So she she was really the only person, but now that’s all over with. You have fights and little arguments with each other, but it’s funny because half of those people I don’t even know. People just like to say they have an issue with someone to start things, but I’m really indifferent. I really don’t care.

JC: Right. Since you have done both television shows and movies, which one do you like doing more?

TC: I love doing movies. I love being on set. I love everything about. This movie, Ninja Cheerleaders, we had to be on set at 3:30 a.m. and I was pumped, I was on set before the director was. I didn’t realize how much I liked filming until I got in that position. It’s awesome. It’s something that you can be proud of as well. You can say that you trained this much for this role. Whereas for reality television, it’s more like someone viewing your personality. It’s flattering to be asked on a reality TV show, because there must be something about you that people must like watching. But it’s not as rewarding as actually acting.

JC: I understand that. Have you ever been starstruck or met someone that you thought you would never get to meet?

TC: I have. I’ve met a ton of people. **laughing** It’s so funny to me how many celebrities are fans of reality television. Jennifer Aniston is a fan of our show. There are so many people that I didn’t know liked our show, it’s crazy.

JC: Cool. Are there any suprises or anything that we can look foward to seeing on this reunion show?

TC: Oh my god, the very first night we were there two people got into a very heated argument. Like a screaming match, but I’m not going to tell you who. I was sick that first night so I didn’t go out that night, and I was so sad that I missed all of the entertainment an excitement. I really think this show will be fun to watch. I think that there were a lot more confrontations this time around.

JC: What other projects do you have coming up?

TC: I have the movie, Ninja Cheerleaders, that will be coming out. I have a travel show that just got picked up again. I will start filming that in August. I’m opening up a bar with some friends in Santa Monica, California called “The Parlor”. That’s going to be so exciting. I’m also auditioning a lot for other roles. I also have a Stuff Magazine photo shoot coming out next month with the other girls from the travel show. I’m also trying to make time to get my real estate license, but that’s hard with all the traveling I do. Oh, and I’m also getting poker lessons from a professional player. I hope to be a professional in five years. **laughing** I’m just plugging away. I also hope to get into directing or producing reality TV shows, because I have the experience.

JC: Very cool. Well good luck with everything and thank you for your time.

TC: Thank you Josh.

Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas airs on MTV on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT time starting on May 30.

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